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Digging deep

Sarah Hughes answers all the "tough" questions

Posted: Sunday February 12, 2006 11:55AM; Updated: Sunday February 12, 2006 12:48PM
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Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes has a newfound appreciation for the Mets -- in the name of David Wright.
Marc S. Levine

Last week Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch interviewed Sarah Hughes for the magazine's Q&A. The 20-year-old gold-medal-winning figure skater is covering the Turin Games as a contributor for MSNBC. Her sister Emily was named to the U.S. Olympic team on Sunday morning when Michelle Kwan pulled out. Here are excerpts from their conversation:

SI: Using the old six-point scale, what can we expect of you as an interview subject?
Hughes: I think you are looking at a 5.8 or 5.9.

SI: MTV's The Real World offers you a spot in the house. Do you take it? Hughes: Maybe.

SI: If Tonya and Nancy are in the house, would you still go?
Hughes: If Tonya and Nancy were in the house ... probably not.

SI: You can skate against one other women skater in history. Who do you want?
Hughes: Katarina Witt. She was the ultimate competitor. She would just stare down people before competition. She was relentless on the ice.

SI: Would you have been intimidated by her?
Hughes: Definitely not. I think I would be good competition for her.

SI: Why does the Hughes Family produce so many great figure skaters? Hughes: I guess we're good on ice. There are six of us so we have to be good at some things. My Dad was the captain of the Cornell team when they went undefeated. He played against SI's Ed Swift when he was at Princeton. Swift let in all the goals, I heard.

SI: You told NBC'S Katie Couric you would really love to see Kwan in Turin. How much of that was p.r.?
Hughes: I mean, I would like to see Michelle but come on, my sister was the first alternate and I would like to see my sister skate.

SI: What's it like to appear on Page Six as a gossip item?
Hughes: That's a tough one. At least we got to warm up a little bit in this interview. That's my answer.

SI: Do you plan on dating the sons of any other former mayors in the near future?
Hughes: (laughs): Not again, no.