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SI Players Poll

Posted: Tuesday February 7, 2006 5:07PM; Updated: Tuesday February 7, 2006 5:07PM
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SI Players Poll
[Based on a survey of 248 NBA players]
Who is the dirtiest player in the NBA?
Allen Einstein/Getty Images
Danny Fortson, Sonics.....27%
Bruce Bowen, Spurs.....16%
Reggie Evans, Sonics.....9%
Ron Artest, Kings.....9%
Andres Nucioni, Bulls.....6%
Matt Harpring, Jazz.....5%
Dikembe Mutombo, Rockets.....3%
Raja Bell, Suns.....3%
Mark Madsen, Timberwolves.....2%
Kobe Bryant, Lakers.....1%
FAST FACTS: Despite playing in just 23 games (injury, and a strained relationship with coach Bob Hill) Fortson leads the NBA with three ejections; he has seven technicals.... Artest and Brad Miller as well as Phoenix's Raja Bell and Kurt Thomas were the other pairs of teammates who each got at least three votes.... Last year Artest outpolled Fortson 33% to 22%.... Bowen has made five NBA All-Defensive teams.