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The Questions

With Troy Murphy, Warriors Forward

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With Troy Murphy, Warriors Forward
With Troy Murphy, Warriors Forward
Rocky Widner/Getty Images

What was your-welcome-to-the-NBA moment? Training camp as a rookie playing against [6'7", 260-pound teammate] Danny Fortson. That is the most physical guy I've ever played with.

Your most embarrassing moment? In college I got a haircut, and it was a freaking mullet. I had a [first] date that night, and when I opened the door, she immediately started laughing. It was ugly.

What's one thing about being in the NBA that people don't think about? How many guys don't like flying. I've gotten better. I don't chew on the seat in front of me anymore.

If I weren't in the NBA I'd ... be a third base coach for the [Class A] Newark Bears. I would send everybody, no matter what. It's fun eating sunflower seeds, wearing the uniform, doing the signs.

If I were commissioner for a day I'd ... rescind all fines for technical fouls. I've already got $4,000 [in fines this year].


The 6'11", 245-pound Murphy, of Morristown, N.J., averaged 20 points and 10.3 rebounds in three games.


Murphy, 25, picked by SI for the U.S. world championship roster will be in Indiana and Cleveland with the Warriors.

Issue date: February 13, 2006