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The Other Side of Bronson

Off the mound, the Reds' Arroyo thrives as a musician

Posted: Tuesday July 11, 2006 4:14PM; Updated: Wednesday July 12, 2006 11:16AM
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Bronson Arroyo performs during a concert for the Cincinnati Reds' Community Fund on June 15.
Bronson Arroyo performs during a concert for the Cincinnati Reds' Community Fund on June 15.

Bronson Arroyo not only is having a career year in his first season with the Cincinnati Reds (9-6, 3.12 ERA and his first All-Star appearance), but he's also an established musician whose first album, Covering the Bases, was released last year by Asylum Records. SI.com caught up with Arroyo to discuss his second career as a musician.

SI.com: Are you planning another CD?

Bronson Arroyo: I'm not planning anything. Pretty much it was too many early mornings at radio stations trying to promote it. That's the problem.

SI.com: Were you happy with last one and the response to it?

Arroyo: Yeah, I was happy with it. The finished product was good. It's hard to have a bad finished product when you have Kenny Aronoff, Bruce Sklar and Michael Landau playing on it. I was happy with the response. Just to go out and play shows and have people show up was enough for me.

SI.com: Are you planning any more shows?

Arroyo: Yeah, I'm planning to get some shows going for the rest of the year. I don't have anything in stone, but Clear Channel is working on things for me. In the offseason I'm going to try to get back and play Boston once or twice.

SI.com: Do you feel like you've grown as a musician?

Arroyo: I'd never played with a band, I always played by myself, so it forces you to be better when you have to keep time with a drummer. I'm a more polished product with people coming to see me. I've got a little bit better.

SI.com: You had a concert with Rich Aurilia's wife, Raquel, at the Madison Theater in Covington, Ky., on June 15. It sold out [1,000 tickets] and raised $35,000 for the Reds' Community Fund.

Arroyo: It was awesome. For me, that's as far as I've ever wanted to take my music. To stand on stage with a thousand people and they're all singing along with you -- it's enjoyable to me.