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The Brushback.com archives

Posted: Tuesday August 29, 2006 10:29AM; Updated: Friday December 1, 2006 3:43PM
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• 11-29-06: Michael Irvin Starts, Refutes Rumor He's Candidate For Miami Head Coaching Job

• 11-29-06: Denver Offensive Linemen Drooling Over Opponents' Kneecaps


• 11-29-06: Word 'Accountability' Uttered 342 Times During Players-Only Meeting

• 11-29-06: Skiles: Pistons' Championship Tainted By Wearing Of Headbands

11-15-06: Mets Fans Won't Stop Bragging About New Citigroup Sponsorship Agreement

11-15-06: Report: Sports Media Biased Against Every College Football Team

11-15-06: Colts Peaking at Right Time Again

11-08-06: Knicks Blame Struggles On Larry Brown Being Such A Jerk Last Year

11-08-06: Saints Looking To Trade Next Gale Sayers For Third Round Pick

11-08-06: Ron Zook Predicts Illinois Will Play In Champs Sports Bowl By 2010

11-08-06: Steelers Lose Again Despite It Being Unacceptable

• 11-1-06: David Stern Orders All NBA Players To Wear Same Size Sneakers

• 11-1-06: New Flexible Schedule To Eliminate All Remaining 49ers Games

• 10-25-06: Brady Quinn Assures Raiders Scout He's Not That Good

• 10-25-06: Joey Harrington Gives Up Just Trying To Have Fun Out There

• 10-25-06: Merriman Blames Positive Steroid Test On Crappy Masking Agent

• 10-25-06: Kenny Rogers Credits Success To Severe Anger Issues

• 10-18-06: NBA Coach Brimming With Optimism Following Intra-Squad Scrimmage

• 10-18-06: College Football Game Marred By Unbelievably Cool Brawl

• 10-18-06: Tigers Agree To Delay World Series Parade Until After World Series

• 10-11-06: Dozens Of NBA Players Trampled In Rush To Get New Scarface Video Game

• 10-11-06: Titans Unaware They Just Starred In New Peyton Manning Commercial

• 10-11-06: Study: NFL Increases In Popularity As Life Becomes More Meaningless

• 10-11-06: New York Media To Take Over Day To Day Operations Of Yankees

9-28-06: Kubiak To Slow Things Down For Mario Williams By Benching Him

9-28-06: Plaxico Burress Berates Ball For Falling Out Of His Hands

9-28-06: Lions Shift Focus To Covering Point Spreads

9-28-06: Steroid-Free Ryan Howard To Have Asterisk Next To His Name If He Breaks Maris's Record

9-20-06: New Rule To Protect Quarterbacks Prohibits Them From Taking Field

9-20-06: Redskins Fire 17 Coaches Following Loss

9-20-06: Teammates Jealous Of Jerry Porter For Being Benched

9-20-06: Coker Tells Players They'll Have To Do Their Own Damn Homework If They Don't Shape Up

9-13-06: Tigers Wish They Won 10 More Games In First Half

9-13-06: Reggie Bush Consults Handlers On Which Dressing To Put On Salad

9-13-06: Buckeye Fans Already Setting Sights On Next Year's Championship

9-13-06: Injury Prone Panthers To Stop Playing Hard On Every Single Play

9-07-06: Dan Marino Signs One-Day Contract To Retire With 49ers

9-07-06: Report: Some NFL Players Still Haven't Been Shot

9-07-06: Tiger Woods Crushes Make-A-Wish Kid In Putt Putt

9-07-06: Cardinals Celebrate Fifth Consecutive Year Of Being Sleeper Team

8-31-06: Many Rookie Pitchers Not Man Enough To Handle Full Season

8-31-06: Ashley Lelie Pays $982,000 To Run Decoy Routes For Alge Crumpler

8-31-06: U.S. Hoops Team Amazed At How Many Foreign Countries There Are Out There

8-24-06: Veterans Refuse To Shine Reggie Bush's Shoes As Part Of Hazing Ritual

8-24-06: Bills Wish They Googled Jay Cutler Before Draft

8-24-06: ESPN Tells Little Leaguers Harold Reynolds Is Dead

8-24-06: Patriots Cut Junior Seau For Salary Cap Reasons