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Confessions of a Cowgirl

Posted: Thursday February 9, 2006 3:25PM; Updated: Monday February 13, 2006 10:33AM
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By Jenn Sterger

You may not recognize the name, but I'm sure you have seen my pictures. My life was just like any other college student's. I would wake up, go to class in my pajamas, go to the gym, listen to my parents scream about my cell phone bill, and spend study hours on Then my school, Florida State, defeated our biggest rival, Miami, one fateful night in September.

Jenn (on right with cowboy hat) and friends have helped countless high school seniors decide which college they want to attend.
Jenn (on right with cowboy hat) and friends have helped countless high school seniors decide which college they want to attend.
Photo Courtesy of Jenn Sterger

My life hasn't been the same since.

All it took was a few seconds on national television. While ABC was coming back from a commercial break, the camera captured my friends and I doing the Tomahawk Chop while Brent Musberger mused that "15,000 red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next year." Little did we know what those 15 seconds of national exposure would mean.

The next day, I found out that there was not only video, but also pictures -- lots of them -- of my friends and I celebrating in the front row of the student section. The photos started on a message board at Florida State -- the Locker Room. I gave a name to put with the face. They called me "The Cowgirl." Most didn't believe it was me. I had to prove I was the real thing. A second appearance at the Citadel game did just that.

Soon my pictures spread throughout the and message boards. Every board, it seemed, had its opinion of me and my burgeoning Internet celebrity status. Today, you can find a thread about my pictures on just about any college message board.

I was one of the top Internet searches on Google and the Yahoo buzz index for December and January. I was even dubbed ESPN's 2006 Hottie Sensation. In coming months, my friends and I will be featured in Maxim (March) and Playboy (May). I'm sure everyone will be pumping the Playboy shoot, but I'm more stoked about Maxim because it's an entire photo spread with an interview. I've had many other offers and while they are enticing, I am not about to leave school with a semester between me and my diploma. Some things in life are just more important.

Jenn has now received over 16,000 friends request on
Jenn has now received over 16,000 friends request on
Photo by Rob Davis

My family has been my backbone through all of this. They support my decisions, and I respect their opinions. It's no fathers dream to see his daughter pose nude in Playboy, but every photo has been tastefully done, because the last thing I would ever want to do is disgrace my family.

I currently have more than 16,000 friend requests on Facebook and over 1,000 on Myspace. I get letters from admirers in Great Britain, Iraq, and even China. When I'm out with friends, people take pictures with me like I'm a character at a theme park. They ask for autographs as I wait in airports. Some have even gone so far as to find my home address and write to ask for signed pictures.

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