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Dear Cowgirl

You've got questions? Jenn Sterger has the answers.

Posted: Tuesday February 28, 2006 2:44PM; Updated: Wednesday March 29, 2006 10:19AM
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You read her story. You emailed her your questions. Now, Jenn Sterger responds with advice on everything from the reasons why a girl plays hard to get to the reasons why Florida State's quarterback, Drew Weatherford, will have a strong season in '06.

Dear Cowgirl - Young sportswriter in need of a little love advice. I have a wonderful girlfriend of just over six months, whom I love. But recently, a past unrequited love interest has come back into my life. She's a girl I always felt I missed out on, who now happens to be available -- and I can't help but wonder what it would be like. What should I do?
-- Billy, Lousiana

Jenn thinks that even in marriage, a guy never stops hanging out with his boys.
Jenn thinks that even in marriage, a guy never stops hanging out with his boys.
Photo Courtesy of Jenn Sterger

Dear Billy: I hate to say it, but if you are having these feelings for another woman, you may never be true to the relationship you have now. Are you even sure this unrequited love interest feels the same way? Can you see a future with this other woman or your current girlfriend? Be realistic. Because while we all want a knight in shining armor, and everyone to live happily ever after, life isn't a fairytale. Someone will get hurt. If you're honestly questioning your feelings for your current flame, then maybe it really isn't "love." You need to make a decision based not on your heart, but your gut. Be honest with all parties involved about what's going on. And like my dad says, "fish or cut bait." Make your decision and live with it, because once you've decided, it's done.

Dear Cowgirl - I am really concerned for my friend Jeff. He is married and still in his mid 20's. He's already stopped going out and talking with women; he stopped hooking up with cheerleaders, quit watching sports, and most recently, stopped gambling. What should I do? I was thinking I would just ask you out and we could get together to talk about it, but since I'm in Chicago, that may pose a problem. I really just need some advice on how to get him back to his old self. Let me know because he is so bad at predicting outcomes of sporting events that I need him in my March Madness Pool, it's like he just gives away his money.
-- Seth, Chicago

Dear Seth: Dude, while I have a great sense of humor, he's MARRIED! At some point in time even Peter Pan has to grow up! Now I'm not saying that he should stop hangin' with the boys, but the whole cheerleader thing...come on! No one likes a pom-pom chaser anyway, especially a married one. If he is recently married the honeymoon phase will wear off soon, and he'll be back with the homies when the time is right. But don't encourage infidelity bro, because what goes around comes around. You catch my drift?

P.S. As for the March Madness Pool, either find another Trump chump to waste his money or maybe make some more educated bets.

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