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5 Q's with a Texas cheerleader

Posted: Thursday May 4, 2006 1:21PM; Updated: Thursday May 4, 2006 1:21PM
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Texas sophomore Mia Adams gets a lift during Texas 25-23 win over Ohio State
Texas sophomore Mia Adams gets a lift during Texas 25-23 win over Ohio State
Courtesy of Mia Adams

By Jacob E. Osterhout

A lot of men -- and women too, for that matter -- spend a lot of time staring at cheerleaders, but few can answer what's going through the minds of these pretty peppy people on the sidelines. So I went out and found me a true Texas cheerleader who could explain her mysterious art. Mia Adams is a sophomore at the University of Texas. She is in her second year on the co-ed cheerleading squad for both the Longhorns' national championship football squad and Elite Eight hoops team.

SI On Campus: How accurate a portrayal of cheerleading was Bring It On with all the cat fighting and trash talking intersquad rivalries?

Mia Adams: Bring It On was not an accurate portrayal of cheerleaders. It made us look too focused on our physical appearance and less intelligent than we really are. But yes, we have rivalries -- they follow the football team loyalties. Texas Tech is our biggest rival, though it doesn't really show on the field because it's not like we (the cheerleaders) are competing head to head with each other.

SIOC: Do people recognize you guys off the field? Do they expect you to be all bubbly and somersaulty when they approach you?

MA: One time I was at a TCBY and I was wearing clothing that said Texas cheerleading and this father comes up and asks me to do a cheer for his daughter. Then he bought me an ice cream.

SIOC: You mean a fro yo? How often do those big aerials end in bad spills?

MA: I once saw a girl fall and break her wrist. That was bad, but we get to use the training facilities if we get hurt. I've fallen once. My freshman year, during the first game of the season, I was tumbling out during the introductions and I over-rotated and tumbled to the ground. It was more embarrassing than painful but everyone was looking at the players so I don't think anyone noticed.

SIOC: Now the $64,000 question: What's the best way to pick up a cheerleader?

MA: Be one of those enthusiastic fans and just go crazy. Those are the people we look at the most. That's the best way to catch my attention. (At games) we get hit on a lot. People will flirt with me and I'll just kind of smile and say, "Go Texas." If they keep going I'll just say, "I have a boyfriend."

SIOC: Is it hard to put on that winning smile if you're having a bad day or if your team's losing?

MA: Getting started can be difficult, but once you get in the stadium and people are going crazy you kind of just get in the mood. It can be more difficult when your team is losing, but that's when our job is more important, though at Texas our football team wins all the time.

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