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Road Trip: Miami

Posted: Wednesday August 30, 2006 12:55PM; Updated: Wednesday September 27, 2006 3:03PM
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Welcome to Nikki Beach, Miami's best spot for bathing suit watching.
Welcome to Nikki Beach, Miami's best spot for bathing suit watching.
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By Stacey Arnold

Most college students envy their friends at the University of Miami who have warm weather year-round, endless nightlife and must-see sports teams. They beg to crash in the dorms of their friends at the U during Spring Break.

The U boasts such celeb alumni as Gloria Estefan, The Rock, Ray Liotta, Jesse Armsted, Jim Kelly, Ted Hendricks, Michael Irvin and Rick Barry. Take a look at some of the things that make Miami America's playground.

Best spot for bathing suit watching: Nikki Beach. If you're at UM, you can always find girls tanning by the pool between classes or lounging on the volleyball courts in the apartment area. But it's worth venturing off campus to  South Beach so you can check out Nikki Beach. You'll be sure to find plenty of scantly clad beach-goers and maybe even a few celebs.

Bonus points: You may discover that not everyone is wearing a bathing suit at Nikki Beach.

Best place for a caffeine fix: Starbucks. They're everywhere and addictive!

Best place to grab a late night slice: Casola's Pizzeria and Sub Shop. Hands down, it's the best in Miami. Find their sign that boasts "Size Matters" on SW 17th Street near U.S. 1. They're open until 4 a.m. on weekends and always packed after a game in the Orange Bowl.

Best place to get your dance on: Pawn Shop in downtown Miami, or Mansion on Miami Beach. The hot spot seems to change every week, but these two stables always deliver a sweaty good time.

Best place to spend a crazy Saturday night: Tantra in Miami Beach. The place is named for a type of sexual practice. By 3 a.m., there are lots of people, but little clothing.

Best place to spend a mellow Saturday night: The Globe in Coral Gables. The crowd is always mellow and the jazz is actually good.  

Best place to get your sugar fix: Versailles on SW 8th Street. Easily the best milk shakes in Miami. They're ultra-thick and loaded with every kind of cream imaginable. Your sweet tooth will need more than root canal.

Best place to cuddle up with a book: Books and Books. This downtown Coral Gables book store is the best place to relax with a good novel. Enjoy the outdoor patio if it isn't too hot.


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