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The Monday Awards

Honoring the best -- and worst -- from the week that was

Posted: Monday September 11, 2006 11:33AM; Updated: Tuesday September 12, 2006 2:58PM
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By Andy Gray

Poking fun at the college sports world, one Monday at a time....

Celebrity Quote of the Week:

Saturday was not such a great night for Matthew McConaughey, Mack Brown and the rest of Austin.
Saturday was not such a great night for Matthew McConaughey, Mack Brown and the rest of Austin.
Harry How/Getty Images

"A very good team is coming to our house and wants to steal something that we own . . . a national championship . . . when the University of Texas Longhorns play for the love of his brother lining up next to him, for the pride of giving his personal best every down, for the honor of every grandparent that could AND could not be at the game, the final whistle will blow and we will be victorious . . . the wannabe thieves will be sent home hurting, humbled, and with a respect for our character."
--Matthew McConaughey gave this gem of a quote to the Austin American-Statesman before Saturday's Buckeyes-Longhorns game, which Texas lost, 24-7. Is the entire country sick of McConaughey yet, or is it just a northeast thing?

Random Team of the Week

Troy University Trojans: A 30-point underdog heading into Tallahassee, this team from a school of 6,000 students almost pulled off the season's biggest upset, but Joe Surratt ran in a touchdown from four yards out with 1:56 left to give mighty Florida State a 24-17 win. "It was like having a nightmare where I was trying to run, but I couldn't move my legs," said Florida State coach Bobby Bowden. "I'm trying to scream, but my voice don't work, then you wake up yelling." If you say so, Bobby.

Brent Musburger Comment of the Week

"He looks like a future tight end."
  -- Musburger gave this gem to the American public after an incomplete pass to JerMichael Finley, the Longhorns' freshman tight end. Not sure what Musburger meant to say before "tight end" (maybe All-American or NFL) but calling a tight end a "future" tight end is like calling George W. Bush a future president.  

It's good to have post-game plans, especially when your team loses, 42-0.
It's good to have post-game plans, especially when your team loses, 42-0.
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Sign of the Week

Though we were tempted to give our award to the Texas fan holding a "LEE CORSO IS A GIANT TOOL" sign during ESPN's Gameday, it instead goes to these two young ladies, who scored front-row seats to the game and let the world know about their post-game plans: "Go Knights! Win or lose, we still booze."

Blog of the Week

Buckeye Commentary - This Ohio State site actually went against the Buckeyes and picked Texas to win Saturday's big game, 31-21. Let this serve as a lesson to other bloggers: Always go with your heart and don't ever let objectivity enter the equation. It can only hurt you.

TV Moment of the Week

Uncle Andy's speech to nephew Shane on Weeds:  We can't say too much more (or we'll be looking for work), but I wish someone gave me that pep-talk when I reached that magical age of 13.

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