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Road Trip: San Diego State

Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2006 12:33PM; Updated: Wednesday September 27, 2006 6:54PM
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The Walk-On
Jon Gold is a senior at San Diego State University and Editorial Adviser for The Daily Aztec.

If you're in San Diego and have the urge to play beach volleyball, Mission Beach is your place.
If you're in San Diego and have the urge to play beach volleyball, Mission Beach is your place.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

By Jon Gold

There are really only two reasons to come to San Diego on a road trip, and sports isn't one of them -- the fans here are about as passionate (and loud) as a librarian.

It's simple: babes and beaches. San Diego girls are hotter than the girls in whatever sports-crazy college town you live in. (Well, except for USC.) And an adventure to San Diego wouldn't be complete without the sun and the tan lines that come with. Road Trip: San Diego is your guide to all things unholy. After all, it's not like you'll catch a game or anything.

Best place to play beach volleyball: Mission Beach. With several courts and a good location -- nestled nicely between the insanely busy Pacific and Ocean Beaches -- Mission Beach is the ideal spot for Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards to show off their tans and triceps. When Maverick and Goose head to the sidelines, call dibs first, because spots go fast.

Best place to go after a victory: McGregor's Grill and Ale House in Mission Valley. Victories come so rarely for the San Diego State football team (0-3 as of publication) that off-campus Qualcomm Stadium is mainly a place to get sloshed. Luckily, McGregor's isn't too far away. And with great nachos, McGregor's isn't just for the inebriated.

Best place to get hyphy: Typhoon Saloon in Pacific Beach. With a tri-level dance floor and two stages for the ladies -- and guys who want to get made fun of -- college kids go nuts here. Clubgoers are subjected to a playlist that doesn't change, but with Don't Stop Believing and Sexyback filling the air, who really cares? Make it to Typhoon on a Wednesday night and you'll be welcomed by the crudity of Metal Skool, an '80s hair-metal cover band. The show is not for the tame of heart -- Padres catcher Mike Piazza recently went on stage and rocked out to Metallica with the band, and everyone knows Piazza is a maniac. One warning to the girls: Be prepared to show some skin; you'll be asked to roughly 1,000 times.

Best place to tailgate: Qualcomm Stadium parking lot. The stadium is really your only option for tailgating, but since it's located 15 minutes from campus and students are not very enthusiastic about the Aztecs, there really isn't too much emphasis on tailgating.

Best place to catch a ball game: The park in Petco Park. Petco Park offers seats in a grassy knoll in the outfield for $5, and it's a great place for the kids. The home of the Padres is a fantastic stadium, if you can stand the exorbitant parking prices and the traffic. Located downtown, Petco is within walking distance to postgame bars and makes for a fun night out.

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