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Commissioner for a Day: Tennis

SI.com readers weigh in with their changes

Posted: Tuesday July 11, 2006 2:38PM; Updated: Wednesday July 12, 2006 12:04PM
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Compress the season. The 2006 Australian Open began on Jan. 16. The Master's Cup will end Nov. 20. An 11-month season is too long. The fans get tired, the players have little/no recovery time. Move the Australian Open several weeks later and make the Master's Cup several weeks earlier, to give players the option of a true -- two to three months long -- offseason.
-- Scott, Falmouth, Maine

Get World Team Tennis on the TV schedule. It's fun, full of personalities, and already has a loyal fan base.
-- Susan, Oklahoma City

I'd make the Davis Cup into a World Cup like event -- held in one country every year, it will attract all the top players into one tournament and feverish fans would get an absolute kick out of it! Think of the atmosphere! Every nation brings their team and they compete in a bracket until a final, and ultimately, a champion is crowned.
-- Joseph, Sydney, Australia

Allow fans to cheer during the match. If cheering doesnt distract NBA players at the line, it shouldn't be that much of a distraction for tennis players.
Glenn, San Leandro, Calif.

The first thing I would do as commissioner is appoint John McEnroe as commissioner.
-- Stacey Petersen, Omaha

I agree with Wertheim on the potential of nation vs nation in tennis. I think we should combine it with gender equity. Have a tournament in which both men and women play for their country at the same time. We would have the potential of Serena (if healthy) and Andy Roddick vs Maria Sharapova and any random Russian dude in mixed doubles. Combining the Davis and Fed cups would be a bonanza.
-- Mike Bell, Baltimore

Tennis needs an offseason like golf and other sports, the season is too long. By having an offseason, when the season starts up again it will help stimulate some interest, the average fan does not follow tennis year round.
-- Anthony Jackson, Milwaukee

I would put it in the contracts of those networks televising tennis that they would HAVE to show tennis live and not on tape-delay.
-- Rita Thompson, Mobile, Ala.

Let players have their coaches seated beside the court the way they are in the Davis Cup. Allow coaches to have input during tournament matches. It seems foolish that the coaches are in the stands and are not allowed to coach during tournaments.
-- Cynthia, Boston

Penalize players for screaming when they hit the ball. I know they're smacking it hard, but come on? I play tennis and I've never screamed while returning a serve.
-- Rixon Lane, Woodruff, S.C.