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Latest stories from the Frost Heaves

Posted: Thursday November 16, 2006 2:03AM; Updated: Thursday November 16, 2006 2:05AM
Latest stories from the Frost Heaves

SI.com's Alex Wolff will share stories about his latest doings as owner of the Vermont Frost Heaves on SI.com.

On the day before our home opener, I'm ready to assume the fetal position. Our professional mascot-costume wearer just tried on the Bump the Moose outfit, and decided there's no way he can perform to his standards because the suit's too tight.

So on a day's notice I chase down another, svelter potential costume wearer, who served as Skip the Woodchuck for the Vermont Mountaineers collegiate league baseball team over a stretch of summers. He agrees to do the duties, even though his return to mascot-dom will mean he'll "spend a few nights on the futon."

To lure this central Vermonter to also perform at our Burlington home opener on Saturday, I sweeten the pot, so he'll make the drive over from the hunting camp up in Orleans County to which he's headed with some buddies for the weekend. (Hmmmm. There could be any number of reasons he's in his wife's doghouse.)

Just hope he doesn't bring the moose suit to that hunting camp. It might come back stuffed and mounted.