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Live from the Lingerie Bowl party

Talking to Jenna Jameson, Joanna Krupa and more

Posted: Friday September 8, 2006 12:18PM; Updated: Friday September 8, 2006 12:37PM
Lingerie Bowl
You don't see referees like this in the NFL.
Robert Laberge/Getty Images
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The best way to enjoy a Lingerie Bowl party is to act as if it's not really happening. As if it's part of some weird dream that's so far from reality you'd want to tell your friends about it the next day. And even then you're not sure you should.

How else could I explain the scene at Les Deux, a Hollywood café turned club, on Thursday night as I chatted up Jenna Jameson, shared a drink with Kato Kaelin, got poker tips from Joanna Krupa and heard Michael Buffer belt out his famous catchphrase? Ah yes, let's get ready rumble, indeed.

From the get-go I knew this party would be a little different. Something about being greeted by a topless model with a tiny referee uniform painted on her buxom chest was probably the first clue. Or seeing a couple of players from the Dallas Desire, one of four teams in the Lingerie Football League, get down like a pair of Carolina Panthers cheerleaders in a restroom. Either way, it was going to be out there.

The center of attention at the party was clearly Jameson, who sat in a corner booth in the outside patio of the club while her bodyguard stood beside her, watching anyone who even glanced in her direction. After throwing a lingerie Super Bowl party last year in Detroit, Jameson isn't having a return affair in South Beach next year. She will be the host of the Lingerie Bowl in February.

"The Super Bowl party went incredibly well in Detroit. I don't think anything can top that. So I might just go down to Miami and party and not worry about hosting a party," she said. "But the Lingerie Bowl is one of the most exciting events next to the Super Bowl. You can't beat football and hot chicks."

While she wouldn't get any arguments from most guys, she almost added something extra to the Lingerie Bowl by initially signing up to play quarterback before having to abruptly retire due to insurance concerns.

"I was incredibly tempted to go out there and play, but my No. 1 asset is my body and I don't want to injure it," she said. "Plus the best thing I can do is talk, that's what I'm all about, so I'm going to add my quick wit."

Jameson was practicing her hook-and-ladder and go-routes before being placed in the broadcast booth but will have to settle for enjoying the action from afar as she does on most game days.

"I've been a big fan of athletes all my life," she said with a sinister grin and laugh. "I'm a big fan of Tom Brady. I've met him and he's a nice guy." When I asked if Brady was a fan of her work as well, she smiled and said, "I'm sure he is."