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Snap Judgments (cont.)

Posted: Thursday February 2, 2006 1:24PM; Updated: Thursday February 2, 2006 9:59PM
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• If you're scoring at home, that's a two-point reversal for Donovan McNabb. Your move, T.O. I can only guess McNabb has been waiting all year to vent a few frustrations of his own, and decided Super Bowl week was the ideal time to get some things off his chest.

But do you really want to play that particular game the way Owens plays it, Donovan? You can't take the high road and get down and dirty at the same time.


• If I'm Terrell Owens, and I'm seeking a contending team with an offense that will showcase me next season, thereby allowing me to regain some of my lost market value for 2007. I'm looking in Denver's direction first, Kansas City second, and then Washington, where Santana Moss is entrenched as the team's No. 1 -- and Pro Bowl-bound -- receiver.

A possible second-tier of interested suitors appears to be Miami, Tampa Bay and Dallas. Who said the Eagles would have to release Owens without getting anything in return?

• From the it-makes-so-much-sense-it-probably-won't-happen-department: With Brian Schottenheimer leaving his dad's staff in San Diego to become Eric Mangini's offensive coordinator for the Jets, could Chargers backup quarterback Philip Rivers be the second one making that cross-country move?

Unless the Jets are willing to consider drafting Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler at No. 4 -- a spot that many would deem too high -- New York will likely miss out on a first-round quarterback since both Leinart and Young are expected to be gone by then. Rivers, coincidentally, went fourth overall to the Giants in 2004, who then traded him to San Diego in the Eli Manning blockbuster. San Diego would prefer not to deal Rivers, but maybe the Chargers would be tempted by a No. 4 for the former No. 4.

If a deal did go down, it would mean Rivers would have gone from New York to San Diego to New York without ever starting a game in his NFL career.

• New Lions head coach Rod Marinelli is an ex-Marine, Type-A personality all right. After listening to him for 20 minutes at an introductory news conference at the Super Bowl media hotel on Wednesday, I fully expected him to ask reporters to drop and give him 20. And I would have, too.

"I am relentless,'' he said, in describing his coaching style. "I'm relentless about everything I do.''

Of his still being formulated coaching staff, Marinelli said he "doesn't want a bunch of guys sitting in there saluting me.'' But if they do, I'm betting he knows how to snap off a pretty crisp salute himself.

• "First taste of blood?'' "Thirsty for more?'' Who gave Joey Porter the trash-talking starter set? If that's what passes as grist for the pre-game mill at this XL affair, these must be desperate times down at the gab-fest known as the Super Bowl's radio row.