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Showing up is half the battle (cont.)

Posted: Thursday July 6, 2006 12:04PM; Updated: Thursday July 6, 2006 8:22PM
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Ronnie Lott picked off 63 passes and was a 10-time Pro Bowl honoree in his 14 NFL seasons with the 49ers, Raiders and Jets.
Ronnie Lott picked off 63 passes and was a 10-time Pro Bowl honoree in his 14 NFL seasons with the 49ers, Raiders and Jets.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

LHarris537 of Baltimore makes a point, but we won't even get that far. In fact we won't even get past his opening -- "Re: Terrell Davis and your asinine four-productive-year statement...."

From Webster's: "Asinine, from the Latin asinus or ass. Having qualities possessed by or attributed to the ass, as stupidity or obstinacy."

I'm glad you think it's stupid to predict that some selectors will feel that Davis' career was too short for Hall of Fame consideration. Then again, you probably never have talked to a person involved in the selection process. It's a lot easier to sit on your ass, as in asinine, and fire off e-mails that represent an IQ about the size of an after-dinner mint.

Bob P. of McKeesport, Pa., offers strong support for former Steelers center Dermontti Dawson. "Why isn't he even mentioned when HOF talk starts up?" A great player, in the Steelers tradition of fine centers, he achieved some recognition last year when he made it to the semis, which consists of 25 modern-era candidates. Then he got edged in the finals. But last year was an extremely tough one, one of the stiffest ever. This time it'll be a lot easier. Will he get my vote? Into the 15-man finals, yes. After that, I'll have to see what the competition looks like. Thank you for the nice things you said, by the way.

A New Jersey vote for Dan Reeves from Bob of Chatham, home of great restaurants. Yes, all his achievements were noteworthy, but it'll be a tough sell because he never won a Super Bowl. Well, neither did Marv Levy or Bud Grant, right? Yeah, but ... well ... the selectors seemed to like them better than they did Reeves. Oh, c'mon now. You c'mon. He's never even made it out of the prelims. Personally I don't like having ex-coaches and owners and the like competing against players for votes. But the people at the Hall don't listen to such complaints.

Last week I called Cliff Harris, "probably the best combination of killer-safety and range-safety who ever played." Scott of San Diego reminds me of a gentleman named Ronnie Lott. Kapow! Right on my asinine I go. You sit here in this madhouse attempting to write a column. On TV, Father Phil is trying to turn crooks into shnooks, at full room volume. Little Jake, the tabby, has just caught a snake. The roofer wants to know if he can start tearing the house apart. Your brain grasps for a foothold. Oops, it slips. Very sorry, mate. Harris and Lott are the two best ever.