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Forget these five (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday May 31, 2006 11:52AM; Updated: Wednesday May 31, 2006 1:03PM
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Chiefs quarterback Trent Green turns 36 in July.
Chiefs quarterback Trent Green turns 36 in July.
David Bergman/SI
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3. Kansas City: This team could fall apart at any moment. First, they're old: A handful of key offensive starters are in their mid-30s, including quarterback Trent Green, Pro Bowl linemen Willie Roaf and Will Shields and leading receiver Eddie Kennison.

They're also playing with most of the same defensive personnel that finished 25th overall last season. Unless the Chiefs do the logical thing and sign free-agent cornerback Ty Law, there's no reason to think this season will end any differently than the last.

4. San Diego: Another AFC West team that hasn't done much to improve this offseason. I won't believe that Philip Rivers is a better quarterback than Drew Brees until I see him play in a Pro Bowl. I also can't understand how a team so desperate for a reliable receiver to take some pressure off Keenan McCardell pulls off such a weak trade. The Chargers ended up with Rashaun Woods, a first-round bust with the 49ers who couldn't find a role on that offensively challenged team. Tight end Antonio Gates is a great player, but he's not going to keep the passing game from being San Diego's downfall.

5. Minnesota: As much as I like new head coach Brad Childress, I have to question his personnel on offense. He needs Chester Taylor -- or someone else -- to prove the running game will be reliable. He needs Troy Williamson, last year's first-round pick, to mature into a legitimate big-play threat at receiver, especially now that Nate Burleson has moved on to Seattle. He also needs quarterback Brad Johnson, who turns 38 this season, to prove that he's still effective. Those are a lot of needs for a team that finished with a flourish in 2005 (the Vikings won seven of their final nine). It's unlikely that it'll find answers to all of them.