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Covering all the bases

Thoughts on Hernandez, draft, gym etiquette, more

Posted: Wednesday April 26, 2006 10:26AM; Updated: Wednesday April 26, 2006 4:53PM
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Kelly Calabrese
Mets announcer Keith Hernandez caused a stir when he said Padres massage therapist Kelly Calabrese doesn't belong in the dugout.
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What did you think of Keith Hernandez's comments about women not belonging in a major league dugout?
-- Jason, Pittsburgh

I'm not the bra-burning-feminist type to go nuts over a comment like that, but you have to wonder if at some point his brain said, "Hey, maybe I shouldn't say that." My guess is it did, just shortly after he made the statement, "I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout."

I am all for women being involved in sports and sports medicine, so the comments struck me as chauvinistic. The Padres hired Kelly Calabrese based on her résumé, competence and professionalism, not whether she cooks a mean meatloaf.

By discrediting her, Hernandez discredited all women who are trying to excel in what has been a predominantly male field. So, am I upset? Sure. But like Calabrese said, "It happens." And, unfortunately, I don't think the discrimination will end anytime soon.

My girlfriend gets annoyed at me for playing fantasy sports because I tend to stay on the computer for hours looking up stats and offering trades. How can I get her off my back?
-- Tim, Philadelphia

While I don't partake in fantasy sports, I do understand the draw behind them. I can also understand your girlfriend's perspective, too, being that my ex had an obsession with NCAA Football on PlayStation. When guys devote so much time to something other than us, we feel less important. The best way to get her to understand your point of view is to relate it to a hobby of hers you don't find particularly amusing, like her obsession with celebrity life and trash mags. Tell her that while she may not care who is being traded this week or how well your team is doing, you couldn't care less about what Brad and Angelina are naming their child or when Britney and K-Fed are splitting up.

Being a sports fan, I understand that fantasy sports have become huge, which is probably due to the fact that it's another way for guys to compete with one another and to talk around the watercooler (not to mention take each other's money). As long as you make time for her and avoid spending so much time on the computer when you are in her company, I don't see any reason for your hobby to be an issue. Few men will have the funds or opportunity to own a franchise in their lifetimes, so for most, fantasy sports is as good as it gets. Just don't get too carried away, because the last thing you want is to have to find a fantasy girlfriend.