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Sports hunks, date ideas, must-see events and more

Posted: Wednesday June 21, 2006 8:59AM; Updated: Thursday June 22, 2006 3:45PM
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Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter is a hit with celebrities.
Walter Iooss Jr./SI
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Florida State's Jenn Sterger will answer your questions on Scorecard Daily every other Wednesday.

This is totally superficial, but we all know which female athletes guys find attractive. But which male athletes do you and your friends find sexy? Here in Cleveland, we're blessed to have LeBron James and Grady Sizemore, two major hotties.
-- Stephanie, Cleveland

Athletes' bodies are like musical instruments -- some of them are very finely tuned. There's something about baseball pants and pinstripes that draws the attention of regular fans and Hollywood "A-listers" alike. Why do you think Derek Jeter has dated Mariah Carey and Vanessa Manillo? While New York has Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, southern girls like me are a little partial to Braves outfielder (and one of my favorites) Jeff Francoeur.

And whether David Beckham is partying with his wife, Spice, doing orange juice ads in his underwear or helping his kids with their "maths,"  this soccer star is practically perfect in every way.

I have always been a sucker for quarterbacks, whether it's New England's Tom Brady, Florida State's Drew Weatherford or Clemson's Will Proctor.

When winter rolls around, the NHL has plenty of hotties to offer. Montreal's Niklas Sundstrom gives a whole new meaning to "O Canada," while Tampa Bay boasts its own hockey hottie -- Vincent Lecavalier.

In your last Mailbag, you answered a question about good sports movies for couples to watch. I was wondering what you think would be good sporting activities for a couple to do. Would a girl be into playing golf or tennis as a date? Any other suggestions for a "sports date?"
-- Robert, Boston

Some of the best dates I have been on were ones that didn't involve dinner and a movie. The kind of sports your significant other is into, of course, will vary with her athletic ability. For beginners, there's always bowling or ice skating (which for us southerners has the added bonus of air conditioning during the summer months). If you want to take your "game" outdoors, why not try tennis, inline skating or golf. I tried golfing once, but my view was always obstructed while I was attempting to tee off ... go figure.

Just remember while "girls want guys with skills," you should try to keep the competition as friendly as possible. I'm not saying you necessarily have to let her win, just make sure your overzealous serve or your Happy Gilmore impersonations at the tee don't land one of you in the hospital.