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Jersey etiquette, hot tennis players, best friends

Posted: Wednesday July 5, 2006 10:09AM; Updated: Wednesday July 5, 2006 10:09AM
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Turtle often sports a jersey on Entourage.
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How do you feel about guys who wear sports jerseys? Is it cool or juvenile? My boyfriend wears his Kobe Bryant jersey a lot, and while his arms look good, it just seems like an immature thing to do. What do you think?
-- Jessica, San Diego

For the fellas, when considering an ensemble it's best to consider a few things:

1. Is it appropriate for the occasion? If you are going to a five-star restaurant it is probably not best to sport Kobe's jersey.

2. What other elements of your wardrobe are included in this "get-up"? If you plan on wearing the jersey with your coolest pair of jean shorts (a.k.a. "jorts"), a word of advice: Don't.

3. How do you plan on wearing said jersey? Unless you play the sport, don't wear it with any kind of sports-related "bottoms," especially if you are going to tuck it in. No, scratch that ... under no circumstances do you tuck in the jersey.

4. What size are you? If you are small but insist on wearing an XXXL simply because Fat Joe does, odds are you will look less like a bad ass and more like you stole Shaq's nightgown.

For the girlfriends who have to tolerate men who don't dress in the best way, I offer this public service announcement: Arguing with men about their clothing is useless. They may think something is cool now, but one day they will wake up and realize that they have been dressing like it's Halloween every day. For your sake, just pray it's not when he is, oh, let's say 30 years old.

I liked most of your responses regarding the sexy athletes. However, what about tennis players? The amount of film I used when I took pictures of the men changing their shirts at the U.S. Open is crazy! Rafael Nadal -- check out those arms. Don't forget the men of tennis, specifically Roger Federer, David Nalbandian and Carlos Moya.
-- Bridget Falk, Rockville Centre, N.Y.

First of all, get a digital camera. It will save you money on film, and the zoom feature is amazing. As far as hot tennis players, there are several who are easy on the eyes. However, Nadal seems to be the one everyone is talking about. He's No. 1 on the tour as far as the ladies are concerned. Women love the view from behind, and men wish they had his arms. He's a male Anna Kournikova, but with skills.

Do girls really care how much a guy can bench press?
-- Tyler Boyle, Mesa, Ariz.

Depends -- do you care how much I can squat? Seriously, I couldn't care less how much a guy can bench as long as he can lift more than me. After all, I'm going to need some help moving out of my Tallahassee apartment soon. My furniture is heavy, and I live on the top floor, with no elevator. Any volunteers?