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Marriage or big game? (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday August 30, 2006 11:16AM; Updated: Wednesday August 30, 2006 1:17PM
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In every Mailbag, there is always one dating question, so I started to think about you. With the whole "Jenn phenomenon," I wonder down the road, what kind of guy will win your heart? Would you fall for a "9-to-5, put my pants on one leg at a time, watch sports, drink beer, eat nachos" kind of guy, or would he have to be famous (actor, rock star, athlete, etc.)?
-- Jeff, Charlotte, N.C.

With most celebrity marriages ending in nasty divorces these days, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be a little gun shy about dating a celeb. Honestly, I wouldn't care what my other half did for a living as long as he was happy with his career, and dedicated to me. I hate lazy people, so I will be damned if I am going be the sole breadwinner in the house. He has to be a motivated, honest and considerate in order to win my affections. He also has to have the same passions that I do. If he asks me how many innings are in a football game, that's a definite deal-breaker. He's gotta love sports and animals and not mind seeing me in pajamas, flip-flops and a ponytail, make-up free. Don't get me wrong, any girl would want her Johnny Depp or Tom Brady, but I'd be just as happy with the "average Joe."


Do you have a MySpace page? What do you think of this phenomenon? It seems that I'm always reading negative things about the dangers of MySpace. My daughter is 17 and she's always on her MySpace page. Should I be worried?
-- Kyle, Tempe, Ariz.

The problem isn't so much MySpace but the world we live in. When used for the right purposes, it's a great networking tool and way to keep in touch with friends and family. The Web site, and networking sites like it, however, make it easy to post private details about yourself. Herein lies the problem with kids having access to it. An online predator looking at your child's page has too much information. The best way to protect your child: Talk to them. Tell them that not everyone on MySpace is looking to "meet new friends" and that child predators are using MySpace to find their victims. If they insist on having a profile, tell them not to include their address or phone number in it and have them set it to "private" so that only their friends can view it. You could ban your child from using MySpace, but odds are that'll have the same effect as telling your child to break up with a boyfriend you don't approve of. Teens will always find a way. It's ultimately a parent's responsibility to teach their kids the dangers of cyberspace and control what sites they can visit.

Jenn, '03 FSU alumnus here! I've been engaged for a couple of years now and my fiancée never got serious about the wedding until recently ... after I received a hefty raise in my salary (and company truck to boot). Planning the wedding is like her second job now. I can't help but think she wasn't serious about marrying me before. Thoughts?
-- Rey T., Orlando, Fla.

Unless she is out spending all your new hard-earned dough on shiny things from Tiffany or Saks, then I'd tend to think her reservations weren't really about the money. She was probably just concerned that you weren't serious about having a future with her because your job may have not given you the security you'd need to start a family. Now, she could be gung-ho about getting married because she realizes you are serious about your career and a commitment with her. Landing a job that can provide for both of you and your future kids gave her reassurance that you can be motivated and responsible. And that right there makes you a bona fide catch.

Hey, Jenn, what are some of your favorite rivalries to watch in college sports? I have to go with Maryland vs. Duke and UNC vs. Duke in basketball, and of course FSU-Miami, FSU-UF, OSU-Mich. and Mich.-N.D. in football. What do you think?
-- Mike, Ocean City, Md.

I'm gonna have to say Texas-Oklahoma, USC-UCLA, Clemson-Gamecocks, FSU-Clemson (a.k.a. "The Bowden Bowl") and UF versus ... well ... anyone.