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Mailbag (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday September 13, 2006 11:23AM; Updated: Wednesday September 13, 2006 6:27PM
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Ohio St.-Texas
College football would benefit from more out-of-conference matchups, such as Ohio State-Texas.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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With the success of the OSU-Texas game last week, how do you feel about more out-of-conference matchups in college football, similar to college basketball's ACC/Big 10 challenge? Should more schools adopt a tougher preconference schedule and play bigger teams, or should we just wait for bowl season to see how the conferences match up?
-- Michael, Indianapolis

Theoretically it seems like a great idea, but with Bowl Championship Series invites hinging on a poll outcome, teams will always be hesitant to add a strong opponent for a 12th regular-season game. I'd love to see an ACC/Pac-10 matchup every year, like they do with the ACC/Big Ten basketball series. I think each conference has its strengths and weaknesses, and it would be interesting to see how those conferences match up against one another. The NCAA should give us a playoff system so teams can schedule each other without fear of damaging their standing with an early-season loss. However, given the non-playoff setup in college football, I just don't see a big increase in strong nonconference matchups like Ohio State-Texas.

My twin and I are flying to Tallahassee for the Florida-FSU game. Since you're an attractive lady and have extensive knowledge of the town, I'd like to ask: Where are some hot spots to find FSU's finest coeds?
-- Brandon, Tempe, Ariz.

You'll love Tallahassee in the fall. The only drawback is that Landis Green won't be crawling with girls in bikinis as the temperature starts to drop in the afternoon. Sure, the bars and clubs are loaded with cute girls of all shapes and sizes at FSU, but some of the best hot spots are much more laid-back. Take Club Publix, for example. Sure, it may look like your average grocery store, but inside the place is packed with some of FSU's finest. Hey, a girl's gotta eat! Since you'll be in town for tailgating, you may want to stop by Indian Village across the street from the stadium. It's the secret spot where all of the kids hang out, versus the more family-friendly atmosphere next to the stadium. Besides, you guys can always work the twin angle -- gets 'em every time.

I joined one of these dating sites and was wondering what is more important, the picture or the words you write in your profile?
-- Jason, Pittsburgh

Ask any woman and she'll tell you that it's the profile that counts. Ask any honest woman and she'll tell you a picture is worth a thousand words. Me? I say that your picture should complement your profile and shouldn't detract from any messages you posted in it. I think your picture should reflect your personality. If a guy has a picture of himself on his profile sans shirt, flexing in front of a mirror with no head in sight and then sends me the proverbial, "Hey, what do you think of me?" line, well, I would be that girl who writes back saying: "Put some clothes on, you headless wonder."

While physical attraction is key in first encounters, true relationships are based on compatibility and personality. So spare me the proofs from your latest GQ shoot and let me get to know the real you: the sports freak, the band nerd, the business professional, the guy who loves to quote movies, whatever. In the end, that is what is most important.

My friend suggested that I take this girl I have been seeing to a baseball game. My only worry is we get put on the kiss cam and sharing your first kiss in this fashion might not be her idea of romantic. What would you think of having your first kiss with someone on the kiss cam?
-- David, Fairfax, Va.

Damn that kiss cam for ruining those intimate moments! Honestly, though, the odds of being selected out of 40,000 as the pair they want to highlight as the gratuitous "make-out couple" are slim to none. To me, it doesn't seem all that bad. In fact, I think it would keep the moment light and flirty, unless you are going for that "movie-magic leg pop kiss." Being on television would almost make it funny and take the pressure off. If you are worried about being rejected in front of thousands of people, then play it safe and give her a peck on the cheek. If you want that ballsy, take-charge first kiss, then grab her and lay one on her. It's that simple. The worst she could say is no, but at least you've broken the ice.