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Trust issues

Strip clubs, FSU's offense, kissing at a game and more

Posted: Wednesday September 13, 2006 11:23AM; Updated: Wednesday September 13, 2006 6:27PM
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Strip club
Strip clubs can cause problems for couples, but chances are trust was already an issue.
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My boyfriend is going to Vegas in early October for a bachelor party. Should I be nervous? He's already told me that he'll be going to strip clubs, but only because "that's what guys do." At first I didn't mind, but some of my girlfriends told me they wouldn't allow it. I think it's just harmless fun. I guess I'm a little worried because he'll be in Vegas and not coming home that night. What do you think?
-- Donna, New York

Plenty of innocent, good old-fashion fun goes on in Vegas, too. Of course, no one wants to sound like a loser telling their Wayne Newton-show stories, so they ultimately get replaced with, "Well, this one time at the Spearmint Rhino...." Strip clubs are pretty harmless places, and no offense, but the guys I hang out with don't look for their future ex-wives there. So I'd say you are pretty safe on that one. If you're still not convinced that he'll behave himself, tell him that his "field trip" makes you a little anxious. If he can't respect the fact that you at least came to him to talk about it and you were honest in your feelings, odds are you should just move on anyway. If a man can't respect your wishes and you can't trust him, then really, what is there? Bottom line, if he's going to cheat, it really doesn't matter what city he's in. It isn't Vegas that makes people cheat and make poor decisions, it's the people themselves. So don't hate the city, hate the boyfriend.

I saw that you were at the FSU-Miami game. You looked like you were having a ball and I'm sure you were thrilled with the result. But the game was a snoozer. Are you worried about Drew Weatherford and your offense? Will you be at every home game this season? I'm hoping to see more pics of you and the Cowgirls.
-- Matthew, Atlanta

After the Seminoles' near-devastating defeat to Troy, even I'm a little concerned about Florida State's offense. The 'Noles don't need to just improve their running game, they need to find one. Our offensive playcalling has to become more creative and make better use of our capable and ready receivers. I'm giving some much-deserved love and respect to De'Cody Fagg. Without his stellar performances these past two weeks, the 'Noles would probably be 0-2. I will give kudos to whoever's idea it was to start getting the ball to Brandon Warren. The true freshie has been thrown to more in the past two weeks than our tight ends have been thrown to in the past five years! As for the Cowgirls, I am still in school but doing classes via the Internet. Given some business opportunities I have been presented with, it didn't make sense to be in Tallahassee on a full-time basis. I am usually up there at some point in the week but won't be able to make all the games. But don't worry, my other Cowgirls will be there in full stride, week in and week out.

I have been with the same girl for eight months, but recently another girl has been appearing in my dreams. I have no idea who she is, nor have I seen/met her before. Is this some sort of manifestation that my mind is coming up with to end things with my current woman?
-- Johnny, Atlanta

Sorry, Johnny. While I have been told I give solid advice and can talk a mean sports game, my expertise in dream analysis is ... well ... nonexistent. But one thing is for sure: If you are lusting after some girl in a dream whom you've never met, odds are there is some part of your relationship in need of some analysis. Dreams often tell people what is missing or bothering them in their life, and (without delving too deep into my Freudian psychology) usually are just your conscience's way of manifesting them. I wouldn't go handing her walking papers, but I would definitely see if there is something in your relationship that is in need of an overhaul. And that ends my Miss Cleo session for the day.