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Football etiquette (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday November 22, 2006 9:57AM; Updated: Wednesday November 22, 2006 10:30AM
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Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit
Lee Corso, under the mask, and Kirk Herbstreit always entertain on Saturdays.
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Who are some of your favorite sports announcers? I don't think anybody is better than Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. Corso is so funny and Herbstreit is just hot. My boyfriend always gets mad because I won't stop talking about how sexy Herbstreit is on Saturday mornings. Do you agree?
-- Jennifer, Plano, Texas

There are few things better than waking up late on a Saturday morning and turning on the pregame show to watch Corso and Herbstreit debate the day's games. Corso is downright hilarious with some of his one-liners and, of course, the traditional donning of the mascot head of his predicted victor. For a while, I almost believed this tradition was the kiss of death for any team he favored, but lately he's been better. Herbstreit, on the other hand, is, as Billy Bob would say, a 10. A freakin' 10. A hot guy who know sports like you know all the lines to your favorite chick flick? Priceless. Brent Musburger is also one of my faves, though that's more for personal reasons. (See Sept 5, 2005) And of course, anyone who knows Seminoles (or Tampa Bay Buccaneer) football knows the legendary voice of Gene Deckerhoff. When it comes to radio, no one compares to "the voice."

So where do you stand on this whole "rematch" issue? Would you want to see Michigan play Ohio State for the title? Does another team deserve a place in that game?
-- Chris P., Miami

Saturday's game was everything it was hyped up to be -- and more. Yet, it also left Michigan fans clamoring for a rematch. But will said rematch take place? I doubt it. If a rematch happened, and Michigan won, it would be unfair to name the Wolverines national champions. You'd have to make Ohio State and Michigan play another game, to see which team would win two out of three -- and we know that won't happen. While a rematch may seem like an interesting concept, it is a bad idea simply because it really wouldn't crown a true national champion should Michigan win. Last time I checked, the teams would have one win each, making it a tie -- which is only "fair" in pee wee sports to teach kids that "everyone's a winner." The big picture: Ohio State proved it's the better of the two teams. Leave it at that and save the bone for picking next season, because while little league parents may love a tie, hardcore collegiate football fans do not.

Like most guys, I am attracted to very good looking women, but I often find myself a bit shy when I would like to approach someone. Being that you are very attractive, is there a particular way you like being approached or asked out by someone?
-- Chad, Westfield, N.J.

Chad, when it comes to approaching females I believe a guy should just be confident and be himself. There is nothing worse than a guy who tries to be "that guy" at the bar or social event. You know the type: The overconfident, life-of-the-party guy, who wants everyone to check out how good looking he is. Over-the-top behavior only works for two people: Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell. So don't put on a show, just act like you normally would. One of the best lines I have ever gotten wasn't even a line at all. Just a good guy, who had taken notice that I wasn't drinking alcohol, and asked, "Hey, would you like some water?" No lie. Simple as that. Pay attention to the girl, the details, and the situation. Then pause for feedback. If she's interested, you'll know. And if she's not, she probably wasn't worth your time anyway.

My wife of eight months recently divorced me. At the end of our marriage I literally begged her to try counseling, church, etc., all to no avail. While I was on a business trip she moved all of my stuff out of the house and changed the locks. Needless to say, I had to find alternate transportation home from the airport. As the divorce was in progress, I found out she had started her affair before I left, and while she says that she didn't leave me for this guy, he was certainly the catalyst. My question: Should I have let her keep the $11,000 diamond engagement ring? I offered to let her keep her wedding band, but I asked for the ring. I felt that this was appropriate given eight months of marriage. I loved her dearly, and would have done anything for her. Also, now she wants me back. Thoughts?
-- Blaine, Missoula, Mont.

OK, so here's how this should work barring some crazy circumstances. Generally, when a couple gets divorced the engagement ring belongs to the ex-wife. Engagement rings are gifts made in contemplation of marriage. Therefore if the marriage takes place, the wife retains it as her premarital property. If she acquired it during the marriage (which would be odd), then technically she has to "split" the asset's value with her soon-to-be-ex husband.

I'm afraid the ring's ownership should be the least of your worries if you're wife  committed adultery this soon into your marriage. Obviously, something was wrong with your relationship to begin with. The most common reason people cheat is because their needs are not being met by their spouse. When simple needs like appreciation, understanding, love and respect are not met, then the partner is likely to look for someone else to fulfill those needs. This is not saying you did something wrong, it's simply saying that perhaps you and your partner were just not meant to be together. 

As for getting back together, I never say "no" to the possibility, but I believe all things happen for a reason. Odds are there is a reason things didn't work out before, and they may not work out the second time. You can't force something that isn't there, or maybe wasn't even genuine to begin with. I'd stick to your guns on this one because while familiarity may be comfortable, it won't make you any happier and you would never have the same trust for the person that you did before. There's someone out there that's perfect for you, and you'll know the real thing when you see it.

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