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The Rant

Favre, Piazza should retire before they tarnish legacy

Posted: Friday January 27, 2006 10:08AM; Updated: Friday January 27, 2006 2:37PM
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The status of two future Hall of Famers has been in the news recently. Packers quarterback Brett Favre hasn't made a decision on whether he will return in 2006. The Green Bay icon has been laying low since the season ended on New Year's Day, when he said in the days before the final game that he didn't know if he would come back to Cheesehead Land.

Mike Piazza, on the other hand, doesn't yet have a team to return to. Piazza finished his Mets career in 2005 with a huge whimper, putting up his worst numbers (.251, 19 HRs, 62 RBIs) ever. He also became an embarrassment behind the plate, regularly not reaching second base while attempting to throw out base stealers. Piazza is reportedly going to sign with an American League team, where he can be a designated hitter.

While Favre's last season wasn't quite as rough as Piazza's, the quarterback certainly looked to be on the downside of his career, throwing 29 interceptions in Green Bay's disastrous four-win season.

I don't understand why either has a difficult decision. And I don't understand why Favre or Piazza want to come back, especially Favre. And please don't tell me either man needs the money.

Favre has won a Super Bowl, he's an NFL legend and there's a very good chance his team will struggle again next season since Green Bay has question marks on the offensive line, and at running back and wide receiver. What would be the point of coming back at 36-years-old? What more could he gain? Why go down the road of having people question whether you should've come back? Why become a shell of yourself and have your final memories be of not getting the job done? Why go though 16 games of being ineffective?

He's already started to go down that slippery slope and it wasn't pretty. As for Piazza, he may be remembered as the best hitting catcher of all time, but he's already become a shell of himself. Why would he lower himself to being a part-time player in the AL? Why take a chance that your numbers will keep going down?

Isn't always sad when you look up someone's career numbers and they have two or three years at the end that stand out like a sore thumb?

Both of Favre and Piazza are fan favorites. Both are class acts. Even the media loves these guys, often overlooking their poor play. Those things make me want them to retire even more. They shouldn't allow the possibility of having their images tarnished. They should leave their respective sports with only positive memories.