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San Francisco treat? (cont.)

Posted: Thursday December 7, 2006 12:38PM; Updated: Thursday December 7, 2006 10:16PM
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Yankees will go high for Pettitte

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The Yankees are so interested they have told Andy Pettitte that they'd pay him $15 million, or more, with the emphasis on more. While Houston won't match New York's money, it retains a home-field edge (not to mention the Texas tax advantage). The Yankees were concerned enough about Pettitte's call that they seriously considered Ted Lilly's offer to come for $40 million for four years (before rejecting it). At this point, Pettitte could go either way, New York or Houston.

Around the Majors

• Executives with the Mariners and Angels said there were no talks going on regarding Manny Ramirez, and the Dodgers were busy with a multitude of other moves as Wednesday's deadline to deal him came and went.

• The Dodgers' pending deal for Schmidt for $47 million over three years is a good one. In this market, that almost looks like a bargain.

• With the additions of Schmidt and Randy Wolf for a very reasonable total of $55 million, the Dodgers might listen to offers for Brad Penny.

Luis Gonzalez is talking to the Dodgers.

• Lilly is a good, tough kid, and Yankees GM Brian Cashman considered Lilly's offer to match the Cubs' $40 million, four-year bid. But Lilly is hampered by low innings totals and has had a couple injuries. Cashman decided not to match. One scary stat: A majority of Lilly's starts over his career are not quality starts.

• Lilly accepted the Cubs' offer by calling GM Jim Hendry on his cell. Unbeknownst to Lilly, Hendry was in an Orlando hospital at the time, having tests done on his heart after feeling ill. Hendry was said to be hooked up to the EKG when he happily took Lilly's call.

•  I don't see how the Royals surprise signing of Gil Meche for $55 million over five years quite puts them over the top.

• The Astros, who are said to be in the middle of a lot of things, were listening to offers for third baseman Morgan Ensberg and utilityman Chris Burke.

• The Braves' agreed-to deal to get Rafael Soriano from Seattle for starter Horacio Ramirez was drawing raves.

• The Pirates seek a left-handed bat for first base and have been talking to the Braves about Adam LaRoche.

• The Reds are still considering filing a grievance against the Nationals for sending them already injured pitcher Gary Majewski and failing to reveal the extent of the injuries. While the Reds don't expect to have Felipe Lopez returned to them, many of them dislike Nationals GM Jim Bowden, the ex-Reds GM, and want to prove a point.

• Word is, Angels GM Bill Stoneman could be demoted to a consultant next year if the team doesn't win.

• The Red Sox and three or four others were pursuing "Game Over'' closer Eric Gagne. The Yankees inquired whether Gagne would set up for Mariano Rivera but were told no.

Joe Torre, who never comes to the Winter Meetings, is the only manager of 30 not to attend this year. Standing around a lobby in Orlando may not be as much fun as winter in Hawaii.

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