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The real Wonderlic

Here are the questions that should be asked on test

Posted: Monday March 6, 2006 2:35PM; Updated: Monday March 6, 2006 2:35PM
Vince Young
How would Vince Young fare on a different version of the Wonderlic?
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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With all the hullabaloo last week about Vince Young reportedly bombing on the Wonderlic test, most of the post-test chatter centered on Young needing to re-take the test. Knowing he failed previously, though, meant Young could study up and post a higher score the next time around. And why hasn't anyone asked if Young is actually a genius who tanked the test on purpose in order to get drafted by a better team?

What isn't clear is how drafting a player with higher Wonderlic test scores actually benefits teams. Maybe the player could better explain the vaguish nuances of all this salary cap stuff, but I don't think being able to do moderately difficult algebra will help any quarterback outrun an onrushing Michael Strahan when he's coming around the edge. After all, Ryan Leaf scored a 27 and flamed out spectacularly, while Tony Banks rated an eight, and he's played nine seasons in the NFL. (The word "played" is debatable, I suppose.)

So, if we insist on qualifying and quantifying players before we draft them, I thought it was only right that we test them on their football and common knowledge. Here, we present the first annual Scorecard Daily version of the Wonderlic test.

1. After being knocked out of the playoffs, Tom Brady said, "Denver was just the better team tonight." That sentence actually means...
A) Absolutely nothing.
B) "We played like crap, but nine times out of 10 we would have won."
C) "Whatever, I'm still going home to Bridget Moynihan tonight."

2. How many of the pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?
A) Brett Favre -- Brett Farve
B) Chad Johnson -- Chad Johnson
C) Ben Roethlisberger -- Ben Rothlisberger
D) Peyton Manning -- Eli Manning

3. The Maddencruiser travels at an average of 50 miles per hour on the highway. How many stops does it make at Waffle House restaurants around America?

4. Which NFL referee is known for being admired for his tremendous physical conditioning by CBS analyst Phil Simms? (Click here for a hint)
A) Johnny Grier
B) Ed Hochuli
C) Jerry Markbreit
D) Pete Morelli

5. A charter boat providing a team cruise on Lake Minnetonka is rented by the hour. Is it more financially sound to book the "entertainment"...
A) By the hour?
B) By a day rate?
C) By using Fred Smoot's cell phone?

6. The hours of daylight and darkness in September are nearest equal to the hours of daylight and darkness in...
A) March
B) Seattle
C) September

7. If a Kerry Collins jersey is selling at $55 at the stadium concession stand, once the Raiders cut him to avoid a salary cap blow, the jersey will be worth approximately worth...
A) $27.50
B) $15
C) Less than a "Tuiasosopo" jersey.

8. Three Hollywood moguls form a partnership and buy an NFL expansion team for Los Angeles. Steven Spielberg puts in $100 million, Jeffrey Katzenberg puts in $50 million, and David Geffen fronts the remaining $150. If the team grosses $10 million the first year, how much should each partner receive of the split?
A) Spielberg -- $3.5 million; Katzenberg -- $1.5 million; Geffen -- $5 million
B) Spielberg -- $5.5 million; Katzenberg -- $2.5 million; Geffen -- $2 million
C) it doesn't matter because they're just going to eventually move the team to a city that gives them a better stadium revenue deal.

9. Do these words -- AUDIBLE/CHECK-OFF -- have:
A) Similar meanings?
B) Contradictory meanings?
C) Mean that the Colts still can't win a Super Bowl?

10. Marcus Vick is 21 years old and Michael Vick is 25 years old. In five years...
A) Michael will still be four years older.
B) Marcus will be 26 years old.
C) Marcus will be starring...in Canada.

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