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Power Rankings (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday November 22, 2006 11:17AM; Updated: Wednesday November 22, 2006 8:31PM
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NCAA Basketball Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
11 - Yellow Jackets junior/reckless pugilist Anthony Morrow provided the DVR moment of Tuesday's upset of No. 12 Memphis. Following Ra'Sean Dickey's monster bucket that tied the game at 62-62, Young stepped up to congratulate his teammate ... but instead of the standard options (chest bump, five, hug, etc.) Morrow started punching. Hard -- right into the "Georgia Tech" on Dickey's chest. He landed a right, a left and two more rights before a visibly stunned Dickey blocked the fifth blow and could be seen (via ESPN) saying, "Stop it! Stop it!" Next three: 11/22 vs. UCLA (Maui Invitational), 11/28 vs. Penn State, 12/3 at Miami.
12 -

Chris McGrath/Getty Images
I'm not sure where D.J. Strawberry's famous pops, Darryl, thinks Maryland should be ranked. I went over to get The Straw's scouting report at halftime of the Michigan State game last week, but a Madison Square Garden security guy -- nametag: "Vito" -- was guarding the row. I asked Vito if he could ask Straw if SI could ask him about D.J. for a few seconds. (Straw is flanked by two friends, and we're all about 10 feet apart.) Vito asks Straw's left-hand man, who says, "wait a few minutes." Vito says to sit (a seat away) and wait. Two minutes elapse. Straw then relays a message to his man, who relays it to Vito, who relays it to me: "No." For what it's worth, I thought the Terps looked pretty good.
Next three: 11/24 vs. High Point, 11/28 at Illinois, 12/3 vs. Notre Dame.
13 -

Jordan IV
The Shockers are No. 13 in the power rankings, and Sean Ogirri is No. 1 in our fashion rankings. Not only does the sharpshooter have a nationally recognized, picked-out 'fro; he's also also rocking the some of the flashiest shoes in college hoops. In Saturday's 72-66 win at George Mason -- in which he hit 5-of-9 treys for 19 points -- he wore a rare pair of retro, yellow Air Jordan IVs. "Great colors," Ogirri said of the kicks in the Wichita Eagle. "They haven't made a lot of pairs of these."
Next three: 11/25 at LSU, 11/29 vs. UMKC, 12/2 at Syracuse.
14 - Anyone else notice the absurd stat lines Nick Fazekas posted in the Pack's first three games (all not televised)?

• Nov. 10 vs. Alaska-Anchorage: 29 points, 10 rebounds in 21 minutes
• Nov. 15 at Oregon State: 19 points, 18 rebounds in 34 minutes • Nov. 18 vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff: 20 points, 17 rebounds in 21 minutes

His per-40-minute averages in that stretch were 35.8 ppg and 23.7 rpg. Oh, and in the process, he became Nevada's all-time leading scorer.
Next three: 11/25 at Santa Clara, 11/29 at Louisiana-Lafayette, 12/3 at Cal.
15 - The Hoos' new abode, John Paul Jones Arena -- where they upset then-No. 10 Arizona in their opener -- is one of the best-looking buildings in all of college hoops. In case you're curious about how a $130 million project like that came together, Virginia kept an insanely detailed plog of the process, featuring everything from shots of the finished exterior, to the JPJ's lavish hot-tub and locker-room installations, to a May 2006 event called the "Super Flush" in which 75 people received certificates for helping simulate a massive halftime bathroom break. I'm assuming they only simulated the flushing part.
Next three: 11/22 vs. UNC-Asheville, 11/26 vs. Maryland-Eastern Shore, 11/29 at Purdue.
16 - Hold your e-mails. I considered putting a bunch of teams here. Arizona. Syracuse. Duke. Kentucky. Washington. New Mexico, even. But why not reward the Horizon-dogs for two BCS-conference wins (Indiana, Notre Dame) on a semi-neutral floor and a victory at C-USA's Tulane? Guard A.J. Graves is the early leader to win Overlooked Small-Town Indiana Player Of The Year, after scoring 28 against the Irish and 20 against the Hoosiers (albeit on 4-of-18 shooting). A product of tiny White River Valley High in Switz City, Ind., Graves' graduating class had a grand total of 48 students.
Next three: 11/22 vs. Tennessee (Preseason NIT), 11/25 vs. Kent State, 11/29 at Valparaiso.

ON THE CUSP: Arizona, Syracuse, Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, Washington, UConn, Memphis, Georgetown, San Diego State, Virginia Tech, Tennessee.

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