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Rollin' With (cont.)

Posted: Thursday October 26, 2006 12:50PM; Updated: Saturday October 28, 2006 8:33PM
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Marshawn Lynch gives his patented
Marshawn Lynch gives his patented "Twist and Hook" to the crowd after scoring a TD.
Jonathan Ferrey/SI
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Silver: I hear a rumor you guys like country music.

Lynch: Please.

Silver: What's in your CD player right now?

Lynch: Shaadie Boy. He's a little-known rapper from Vallejo, but he's about to pop. Anything in this town or the surrounding areas that's pumpin', we listen to it.

Silver: All the way back to Too Short?

Jordan: What you know about Too Short?

Silver: Dude, I been listening to Todd Shaw since y'all were in diapers. I put the 'O' in 'O.G.'

(They look at me as though I may be the least cool human on the planet. Which, at this particular moment, I almost certainly am.)

Jordan: We were slappin' some of that earlier today. The new one is called 'Up All Night.'

Silver: Right. He wrote that thinking about me and my Cal friends after you guys win the Pac-10. Anyway, which one of you has the most tattoos?

Jordan: I've only got three. Shawn's got, what, five? Seven?

Lynch: Eight, and counting. My little cousin (former Cal safety Virdell Larkins), he's got the most. He's got 11.

Silver: The big one on your upper back says 'Mama's Boy,' right? You're not hiding from that at all.

Lynch: No. No reason to. People where I'm from know what mama means.

Silver: Talk to me about your postgame celebration in the golf cart? How long were you planning that one?

Lynch: It was just something that came up at the last minute. I was over by the cart, on the sidelines, and I saw my boy Desmond take off with the interception (toward the opposite end zone). You feel me? I'm thinking, "Oh, my boy's tired. It's a perfect little situation." The key was in the cart, so I started it up and went down there to pick him up. But he had a crowd around him by then, and I realized, I ain't gonna be able to get to him. So I just decided to have some fun.

Silver: What was that move at the end?

Lynch: That's how we do it here in Oaktown. I was gonna ghostride it for a minute at the end, but it ain't got no neutral, so it would've just kept rollin'. So I just did that move -- I got it from my boy Hurp. His name is Dion Hurp, and he does it in any kind of vehicle we ride in. Buick. Chev. Boxes. Whatever.

Silver: What's up with all that gold in your mouths?

Jordan: It's my jewelry. Just like you got on that watch, I got on my teeth.

Lynch: I been rockin' my s--- since the sixth grade. You feel me? It's just like something that was goin' on and kind of stuck with me. It was never a problem 'til I got here and did a couple of interviews. Then people started to make a big deal out of it.

Silver: Edgerrin James, who is one of my favorite people in football, still has a grill after these years. Do you guys plan to do the same?

Lynch: I heard a couple of stories about Edgerrin, how people wanted him to take his stuff out when he got to the pros. Not even comparing myself to Edgerrin, because he's on a whole other level, but knowing how he stayed true to what he is means a lot. I don't want to take mine out. I want people to see it not as a bad thing but as a part of me.


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