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Posted: Monday November 20, 2006 10:17AM; Updated: Monday November 20, 2006 10:17AM
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Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise
We're guessing Katie and Tom didn't watch the Michigan-Ohio State game.
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1. Ohio State won Saturday's No. 1-vs.-No. 2 showdown against archrival Michigan by holding on for a dramatic 42-39 victory. Still, Michigan remained No. 2 in the BCS rankings, setting up the possibility of a rematch in the BCS title game. Gee, nothing like settling things once and for all on the field.

2. The Michigan-Ohio State game earned a 13.4 fast Nielsen national rating, the highest for a regular season college football game since 1993. Sure, those without an invitation to the Tom-Katie wedding had to pass the time somehow.

3. An undetermined number of Buckeyes fans had an especially good weekend since the winning numbers in Saturday's Ohio lottery turned up 4-2-3-9, matching the score. Still, some Wolverines want a cut because of their late two-point conversion.

4. Two Washington high schools tied a national record by playing a nine-overtime playoff game on Saturday. See, that's the great thing about high school football. In the college game, that would just lead to a rematch.

5. The Colts lost their first game of the season on Sunday to the Cowboys to once again leave the '72 Dolphins as the only undefeated team in NFL history. As usual, many of the old Dolphins celebrated with champagne. That's nice to see. Too often, bitterness is wasted on the young.

6. The Chargers became the first NFL team to win back-to-back games after trailing by at least 17 points with Sunday's 35-27 victory over Denver. Shockingly, neither comeback came against the Cardinals.

7. The Cubs are reportedly ready to give Nationals outfielder Alfonso Soriano $136 million. Upon hearing the offer, Nats GM Jim Bowden said, "I'll take it!"

8. Niners coach Mike Nolan wore a jacket and tie on the sidelines on Sunday and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is expected to do the same on Monday night against the Giants. In another effort to class things up, Patriots coach Bill Belichick actually washed his hoodie.

9. Today's sign of the apocalypse: The Pistons fan banned for life from the Palace at Auburn Hills for tossing the soda that started the Pacers-Pistons brawl plans to sell the letter announcing his banishment on eBay.

10. Reader feedback: A number of you wrote in about Friday's 10 Spot "matchup" on the Ohio State-Michigan game, many of whom seemed to take my supposed breakdown a tad too seriously. Many emails pointed out the "glaring contradiction" in which I gave Ohio State the edge in helmets because Michigan's had been "plagiarized" from Princeton while handing OSU the nod in music because of the "dotting the 'i'" on the famed "script Ohio" formation. As it turns out, the Michigan band was the first to use a script Ohio formation in 1932, four years before the Buckeyes, at a game at Ohio Stadium.  The "plagiarism" crack, meanwhile, was actually intended at myself because I lifted several sentences in the helmets section directly from an earlier 10 Spot. A number of Buckeye backers pointed out that perhaps I was hasty in giving the wolverine the edge in mascots because of its ferocity vs. the buckeye being, well, just a measly nut; as it turns out, the buckeye is poisonous and thus possesses better natural defenses than I had suspected. Several readers also wrote in to say that maize is not, as I claimed, a vegetable but rather a grain; one wondered whether I had "ever seen a farm." (Of course, from the window of an airplane.) Not every reader seemed to grasp that I rigged the "matchup" to finish in a five-five deadlock, though I did correctly predict a three-point OSU victory. (Where's my lottery winnings?) All in all, perhaps I underestimated just how seriously some folks take the OSU-Michigan thing. Really, it's a nice little rivalry, but it's not life-or-death like Williams-Amherst. (Kidding!)