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Posted: Tuesday November 28, 2006 10:26AM; Updated: Wednesday November 29, 2006 3:15PM
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Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren
When you have as much money as Tiger Woods and his wife, it's hard not to smile.
Andrew Redington/Getty Images
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1. Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has filed a libel lawsuit against an Irish magazine story that included fake nude photos of her and claimed that she appeared on Internet porn sites. If the lawsuit is unsuccessful, Tiger plans to simply buy the mag and shut it down.

2. Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is continuing to feel the heat after flipping the bird to home fans after Sunday's loss. Things are getting so bad, Vick might need an alias.

3. Vick insists that it wasn't like him to respond to the pressure of fans' heckling with an obscene gesture. Indeed, usually when Vick feels pressure he immediately starts running away.

4. Do you think Tom Brady is dreamy? This is off the record, of course. O.K., you don't have to tell me, but you might want to check out this video tribute making the rounds on YouTube. Brady is a song parody set to the tune of Kenny Rogers' ballad Lady, complete with beefcake shots of the Pats quarterback and lyrics such as, "How I long for you to hit me in the slot." According to the Boston Herald, the man behind the song is a married Texas attorney with two kids who goes by BradyFan83. He told the paper, "It's a little bit of a satire on the adoration of athletes. And a little bit on the homoeroticism in sports. It works on many levels." It's definitely worth a few chuckles. BF83, a former musician who now pens Web parodies on the side, wrote a similar ditty for Randy Moss to the tune of Barry Manilow's Mandy called, you guessed it, Randy.

5. Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer said on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown that fantasy football has "ruined the game." Uh oh, sounds like someone had Plummer as his starter.

6. We all know about the Madden Curse that has laid low many of the players that have appeared on the video game's cover. Now, it seems, some players are upset by virtual injuries. Colts tight end Dallas Clark is miffed by a recent Madden commercial in which his video doppelganger is show being roughed up by several virtual Eagles, complete with grunts of pain. Clark told the Indianapolis Star that the spot "makes me look like a punk." Of course, as is usually the case in such matters, Clark says that he hasn't even seen the commercial.

7. A Kentucky vintner has been ordered by the NFL to stop selling a wine that carried a marketing logo similar to the Bengals' stripes. The league doesn't want to send mixed messages by associating the team with a legal beverage.

8. A poll conducted by the AP on Monday showed that only about one in four Hall of Fame voters plan to support Mark McGwire this year. McGwire, of course, couldn't be reached for comment. Now he doesn't even want to talk about the present.

9. SportsCenter will debut in Australia this January, making it the 11th version of the show to air outside the U.S. Naturally, anticipation is already building for the Foster's Hot Seat.

10. Reader feedback: I can always count on eagle-eyed 10 Spot readers to catch my missteps. Still, Bryan from Tucson took things to a new level on Monday. Just moments after the new 10 Spot was put online, yet a solid 10 minutes before it was even linked to the SI.com front page, Bryan not only tracked down the new version but fired off this question about the New Mexico State recap in item No. 10: "Is your cousin back to his old position at center after a brief stint at right tackle, or was that a typo?" Wow. Bryan was absolutely correct in noting that I identified James Farrelly, i.e. my cousin, by his former position. In fact, it was a typo and James remains at right tackle. Thanks to Bryan's help, we were able to fix the mishap quickly, which means I can attend the next family reunion with my head held up high.

Since this coming Friday is the first of the month, that means it's time once again for the all-reader-submission edition. Please send your entries by Thursday afternoon.