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Monday Morning QB (Cont.)

Posted: Monday October 16, 2006 10:03AM; Updated: Tuesday October 17, 2006 1:40AM
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Ten Things I Think I Think

Titans running back Travis Henry broke out with a 178-yard rushing performance on Sunday.
Titans running back Travis Henry broke out with a 178-yard rushing performance on Sunday.
Chris McGrath/Getty Images
Peter King will answer your questions each week in Monday Morning Quarterback: Tuesday Edition.
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1. I think these are my quick-hit thoughts of Week 6:

a. Talk about undisciplined and/or stupid penalties: In the first six minutes of the Dallas-Houston game, the Cowboys committed four helmet-grabbing infractions: one 15-yard face-mask penalty (by wideout Sam Hurd on the opening kickoff), one five-yard face-mask penalty (by defensive end Marcus Spears), one half-the-distance-to-the-goal call for ripping the helmet off Ron Dayne (by cornerback Anthony Henry) and another 15-yarder by Hurd on the ensuing Dallas punt.

b. Amazing. Hurd was flagged for two 15-yard face-mask penalties on his first two plays. This would be a great test for the Elias Sports Bureau statisticians: Has any player in NFL history ever had two 15-yard penalties on his first two snaps of the day?

c. Lawyer Milloy is playing the run better than he has since his Patriot days. I was wrong about him.

d. Cincinnati-Tampa Bay set back this sport 48 years.

e. Anybody out there seen David Givens? Remember him? He signed a $25 million contract before the season in Tennessee.

f. I challenge you to name someone who says, "I like Deion Sanders' shtick.'' Sanders said this morning that Jerry Jones "suspended the leak'' in the Haley-Owens case. What? Did someone in Dallas get suspended overnight?

g. Just for the record, ESPN's Ed Werder gave this Owens-Haley story national legs. He is as fine a reporter as I know, and when he tells me that Jerry Jones told him he planned to discipline Haley for the incident, I believe him. "Jerry was very concerned that this incident not reflect poorly on T.O.,'' Werder said. Three touchdowns is a great deodorant.

h. I do like Willis McGahee, but it still boggles the mind that Buffalo made Travis Henry expendable by drafting McGahee in the first round three years ago.

i. I thought Eagles receiver Reggie Brown was slow. Did you see him sprint for those Donovan McNabb lasers?

j. I could easily have given the offensive player of the week to the Saints' offensive line for clearing the way for a 372-yard offensive day and keeping Drew Brees sackless. Nice job, Jammal Brown, Jamar Nesbit, Jeff Faine, Jahri Evans and Jon Stinchcomb.

k. The Steelers shouldn't get all pissy when Troy Polamalu gets tackled by the hair, or by the hair and jersey, as he did by Larry Johnson. His hair is the size of Texas, for crying out loud.

2. I think I will vote for Torry Holt for the Hall of Fame someday. He's 30. He's 346 receptions away from 1,000, on his way to his seventh-straight 1,300-yard receiving season (Jerry Rice never had more than three 1,300-yard years in a row) and 39 touchdown catches shy of 100. What hands. What presence on the field.

3. I think if I didn't know any better, I'd say Randy Moss is afraid of John Lynch. Watch that play against the Broncos on Sunday night a few times, the one with Moss leaping with about 60 percent intensity to try to catch a ball in the Denver end zone and Lynch rumbling in from the side. You know what you'll see? You'll see a receiver hearing footsteps. I like the threat of Moss, but I wouldn't pay gigantic money to have him on my team.

4. I think I've got a sports quiz for you: What do these 11 numbers signify: 12, 24, 16, 2, 19, 9, 27, 22, 3, 14, 10? Those are the margins of defeat for the Oakland Raiders in their last 11 games. All losses, of course. The Raiders are the only winless team in football at 0-5, but they won't stay winless. History says it's as hard to go 0-16 as it is to go 16-0, and the Raiders aren't totally hopeless. Their best shots to win: Arizona at home Sunday, Houston at home Dec. 3, Kansas City at home Dec. 23, and at the Jets on New Year's Eve. How compelling a game that would be Dec. 31, if the Raiders fly east to try to escape the ignominy of going winless after a 3,000-mile plane flight?

5. I think the Jets are going to be 5-3 on Halloween, resting for their bye week. They're 3-3, with Detroit (home) and Cleveland (at Cleveland) straight ahead. When Pennington takes care of the ball, this team can play with most everyone.


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