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Cardinal sins (cont.)

Posted: Tuesday October 17, 2006 2:29AM; Updated: Tuesday October 17, 2006 7:09PM
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Drew Brees proved why teams should start accounting for a player's ability to win in their scouting reports.
Drew Brees proved why teams should start accounting for a player's ability to win in their scouting reports.
Bob Rosato/SI

I won't even try for a logical segue here. Now for the e-mail of the week:

THE REDSKINS MAKE THIS MAN UNHAPPY. From Dan Brown of Chicago: "I'm from D.C., and I was devastated when Dan Snyder renamed Jack Kent Cooke Stadium 'Fedex Field' to make a few bucks. Now you're calling it 'The House that Snyder Built'? That's borderline sacrilegious.''

Figure of speech. Remember when Jack Kent Cooke named the place with the stadium Raljon, in honor of his two sons? I'd think you'd be a little more devastated by the Redskins' allowing 755 yards in the last two weeks.

GOOD QUESTION. From Evan Gregory of San Francisco: "Thank you for your continually high-quality articles and commentary. My question: Can you please explain why you and other analysts continually rank the Colts so high, when they repeatedly fail in clutch moments, postseason games and especially against the run? This year they have snuck away with several victories against poor or simply above-average teams. They get shredded against any decent running game. I cannot envision your prediction of Peyton Manning walking away with two rings when he retires if he stays in Indy with that massive contract.''

We'll see. But you're right -- if the Colts can't stop the run any better than they have in the first month of the season, they'll be home, again, the first week of February.

NFL TEAMS LIKE WINNERS, BUT THEY ALSO LIKE BIG ARMS. From Jason Malmquist of Austin, Texas: "How much do NFL franchises account in their scouting of QBs the trait of being a winner? I'm a huge Vince Young fan, and some call it leadership, but at the end of the day he is a winner and always has been. Drew Brees is the other glaring example right now. He was undersized and took his high school team in Texas to the state championship, Purdue to the Rose Bowl, the Chargers to the playoffs (even as they drafted his replacement) and is showing it again in New Orleans. I personally see no substitute for that one quality.''

Jason, you couldn't be more right. I hope the Raiders read this e-mail and account for that trait more than just another mad-bombing arm when they pick a quarterback next April.

THE OBLIGATORY TERRELL OWENS QUESTION. From Jeff Hayward of Fairfield, Maine: "I hate to write another word about the man, but when the Owens/Dallas marriage ends, is there another team out there that will take this circus on? Will his career end in Dallas?''

Depends how it ends. If, say, in two weeks, he blows a gasket at Todd Haley again, or at Bill Parcells, I think it's 60-40 he won't play for another team this year. Maybe an injury-ravaged playoff team would take him for a stretch run. Or perhaps Green would try to handle him for a few months; he's had Randy Moss and knows how to handle headaches. Long term, there's no doubt in my mind that Owens finds a home in 2007, even if Dallas whacked him for insubordination this year.

I LIKE THE WAY THIS MAN THINKS. From Chris Wright of Portland, Ore.: "Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me: Jammal, Jamar, Jeff, Jahri and Jon -- is the Saints' offensive line the only one in which all five members' names begin with the same letter?''

You want to ghost-write MMQB sometime, Chris?

EASY QUESTION. From Jim Hacking of Webster Groves, Mo.: "Peter, do you think Nick Saban is happy he passed on Brees for Daunte Culpepper?''

No. I can almost assure you he wishes he had Brees.

TIKI FOR THE HALL.. From Mark of St. Louis: "Is there really a question about Tiki Barber and the Hall of Fame? He is sitting at 15,900-plus total yards (rushing, receiving, returning) for his career and will likely eclipse 17,000 this season. If he plays just one more year at this pace, he'll be pushing 20,000 and be within shouting distance of Rice and Payton.''

Well, you can stat people to death. If I go by your total-yardage yardstick, should Brian Mitchell be in the Hall? He's got 23,317 yards, though 14,014 are from kick returns. Let's let all these yardage figures settle for a while. The real measure for a running back is rushing yards.

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