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Monday Morning QB (cont.)

Posted: Monday November 27, 2006 8:52AM; Updated: Monday November 27, 2006 1:06PM
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The Fine Fifteen

Tony Romo threw five touchdowns to lead the Cowboys to a 38-10 win over the Buccaneers on Thanksgiving Day.
Tony Romo threw five touchdowns to lead the Cowboys to a 38-10 win over the Buccaneers on Thanksgiving Day.
Peter King will answer your questions each week in Monday Morning Quarterback: Tuesday Edition.
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1. Indianapolis (10-1). It took 21 minutes for Eagles-Colts to turn very ugly. By then, Joseph Addai had 10 carries, 91 yards and three touchdowns, and TV remotes all over the U.S. of A. were clicking over to Desperate Housewives or Family Guy.

2. San Diego (9-2). I can't figure out which two teams from among the Bolts, Colts and Ravens will meet in the AFC title game on Jan. 21. Can you?

3. Baltimore (9-2). If you want to rank them first, I totally understand. And I'm not going to argue too strenuously. That was an awesome performance against the Steelers.

4. Dallas (7-4). You tell me one team below here that you think would beat Tony Romo on a neutral field. Can't find one, can you? I spent five minutes trying to justify putting Dallas ahead of Indy or Baltimore, to be honest with you, and very nearly did it.

5. New England (8-3). Pats will really, really miss Junior Seau in a football sense, never mind the leadership void he leaves. My guess is they'll have to move Mike Vrabel back inside now.

6. Chicago (9-2). Bears almost had the best 15 days for any team in the NFL this season: Bears by 18 at the Giants, Bears by 10 at the Jets, and very well could have been Bears by three at the Patriots ... until Rex Grossman continued his turnoverfest.

7. Kansas City (7-4). I would bet a lot of money that Larry Johnson is thinking this right now: "See, Dick Vermeil? See how much you missed by not playing me much the first two years -- even with Priest Holmes running like LaDainian?''

8. Seattle (6-4). Not saying the Pack will be overrun by the Seattle defensive front tonight, but Green Bay could start the youngest OL in recent NFL history because of injuries to both tackles: LT Daryn Colledge, LG Tony Palmer, RG Jason Spitz, RT Tony Moll. Heads up, Farvie.

9. Carolina (6-5). If I'm running out of patience with this team, imagine how John Fox felt on the plane on the way home from Washington.

10. Denver (7-4). Mike Shanahan did just what Bill Parcells did with his quarterback situation: He waited till everyone in the building could see what he saw -- that it was long past time to make a quarterback change. That's why Jake Plummer will be replaced by Jay Cutler next Sunday night against Seattle at home.

11. New Orleans (7-4). Saintly Stat of the Week: If Drew Brees averages 108 passing yards a game in the last five weeks, he'll have a 4,000-yard passing season.

12. Miami (5-6). What a November: 31-13 win at Chicago, 13-10 win over the Chiefs, 24-20 win over the Vikes, 27-10 win at Detroit. Four wins, 19 days.

13. Jacksonville (6-5). Watching the Monday-nighter last week, did you have the same feeling as me? Watching the two quarterbacks, did you think: "David Garrard doesn't just look a little better than Eli Manning. He looks a lot better.'' Garrard, the 108th pick in the 2002 draft. Manning, the first pick in the 2004 draft. Funny how the draft works. The Rams picked Eric Crouch 13 spots ahead of Garrard four years ago.

14. Cincinnati (6-5). My friend Bruce Cornblatt thinks I'm making a horrible mistake here. Says the Bengals should be above Miami. He's probably right, but I'll let the Bengals prove their worth Thursday night against Baltimore.

15. New York Jets (6-5). What a weird game the Jets played against Houston. When's the last time two teams combined for such a tiny rushing effort? Texans and Jets rushed for a combined 52 yards.


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