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Commissioner for a Day

Get commish, delay polls, reduce bowls, alter BCS

Posted: Thursday July 6, 2006 11:52AM; Updated: Friday July 7, 2006 12:27PM
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Which college football change would you most want to see?
Get a commissioner
Add "plus-one" championship game
Reduce number of bowl games
Install early signing day
No hirings until after bowl games
Delay polls until Oct. 1
Pick a uniform and stick with it
Limit weekday games
Shorten length of games
Prohibit coaches from flip-flopping QBs
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My first act as commissioner of college football would be to ...

1. Give college football a commissioner: There is presently no single person or organization in charge of college football, and it shows. The sport is in a state of constant chaos, seeing as even the slightest changes have to meet the approval of, among others, the NCAA, university presidents, conference commissioners, athletic directors, bowl representatives and TV executives. So just having an overarching commissioner would be a huge step.

2. Add a "plus-one" championship game after the BCS bowls: I know, I know, most of you would rather I use my powers to bring about a full-fledged playoff. I'm not ready to go that far yet. I'd hate to see the day when Florida and Florida State rest their starters during their annual rivalry game because they've already locked up playoff berths. However, an extra game would help resolve some of the sport's more absurd injustices (like an undefeated Auburn team getting shut out of a shot at the national title) and make the major bowl games preceding the title game more meaningful.

3. Reduce the number of bowl games: There are currently 32 bowl games slated to be played next season, with literally every 6-6 Big Ten or SEC team assured a spot in the postseason, not to mention third-place teams from the WAC and Conference USA. I'd trim the list to these 15: national title game, Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton, Capital One, Gator, Outback, Holiday, Peach, Alamo, Sun, Liberty and Independence. The champions of every Division I-A conference would be guaranteed a berth; everyone else would have to win at least eight games. And all (except the title game) would be played between Christmas and New Year's.

4. Install an early signing day: Recruiting is quickly turning into an uncontrollable headache for both coaches and prospects. A lot of the stress would be alleviated if football was to mimic basketball and install an early signing date -- say, Sept. 1 -- so that prospects can enjoy their senior years of high school without all the drama and distractions of the recruiting rat race. Obviously, a good number would still put off their decisions until February, but at least this way coaches don't have to babysit their early commitments for another six or seven months.

5. Outlaw the hiring of coaches prior to their bowl games: One of the season's most annoying rituals is when, after leading a team through an entire season, preaching the values of teamwork and loyalty, some hot coach bolts for another job right before his team's bowl game (see Dan Hawkins last year, Urban Meyer the year before), creating awkward situations in which he's either coaching a team he has already deserted or leaving some interim coach in his wake. Do like the NFL: No interviewing candidates until after his season's over.