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Cowboy up

Texas will win in a possible Big 12 title game preview

Posted: Friday October 20, 2006 11:53AM; Updated: Friday October 20, 2006 11:58AM
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Week 8 Pickoff
When the Huskers visited USC earlier this season, Bill Callahan's baffling game plan involved throwing just 17 passes against a suspect Trojans secondary. Some friendly advice for the coach: Even Adrian Peterson barely managed 100 yards against Texas. Throw the darn ball.
Texas 24, Nebraska 17
In 1903, coach John W. Heisman led Clemson to a 73-0 win over the Yellow Jackets. The next year, Heisman took over at Georgia Tech. Amazingly, neither school has ever produced a Heisman winner. Calvin Johnson and James Davis, would you like to throw your names in the hat?
Clemson 21, Georgia Tech 18
Iowa (5-2) at No. 2 Michigan (7-0)
The general consensus is that Ohio State is "clearly" the best team in the country, with its 38-17 win at Iowa seen as one of its crowning moments. But wait a second: It turns out Iowa isn't that good. So what happens if Michigan beats the Hawkeyes just as badly? Uh oh -- ambiguity.
Michigan 31, Iowa 10
Alabama (5-2) at No. 7 Tennessee (5-1)
You see, this is what Tommy Tuberville is talking about: The Vols, fresh off a grueling bye week, run into a torrid 'Bama squad coming off consecutive victories over Duke (led 16-14 midway through the fourth quarter) and Ole Miss (in overtime). You can't catch a break in this conference.
Tennessee 27, Alabama 12
No. 19 Rutgers (6-0) at Pittsburgh (6-1)
Somewhere right now, Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese has his feet kicked up, smoking a stogy. "Yep," he's saying to himself, "while those traitors at Miami are playing a meaningless game at Duke down 13 players, Rutgers and Pitt are playing one of the biggest games of the week. Ain't life grand?"
Rutgers 27, Pittsburgh 24
Three headlines I saw in the tabloids while waiting in the checkout line earlier this week: "Mother Gives Birth to 80-Pound Baby," "OJ Comes Clean: 'I Did It'" and "BC, FSU Play Football Game, BC The Ranked Team." If Eagles QB Matt Ryan is too gimpy to play, it won't stay that way long.
Florida St. 20, Boston College 16
UCLA (4-2) at No. 10 Notre Dame (5-1)
You've heard of presidential approval ratings? Well, according to a survey by Bruins Nation, 81 percent of UCLA fans currently disapprove of coach Karl Dorrell. They've turned on him in a hurry, too. Following last year's 10-2 season, his approval rating was at a staggering 50 percent.
Notre Dame 34, UCLA 14
South Carolina (4-2) at Vanderbilt (3-4)
The Detroit Tigers are in the World Series, the New Orleans Saints are in first place and last week, Stewart Mandel finally picked an Upset Special correctly. Just like me, Vandy is going to use the momentum it gained from a stunning victory last week to make it two in a row this Saturday.
Upset Special:
Vanderbilt 19, South Carolina 17
Last week: 6-2. Overall: 37-19.