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2007 Sportsman of the Year Sportsman of the Year Archive

The Anti-Sportsman

Not everyone in '07 deserves to be honored

Posted: Thursday November 29, 2007 7:42PM; Updated: Friday November 30, 2007 1:47PM
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Michael Vick sits atop the list of Anti-Sportsman for 2007.
Michael Vick sits atop the list of Anti-Sportsman for 2007.
Simon Bruty/SI

By Michael Farber and Richard Deitsch

No, we can't ignore them. If the cavalcade of Sportsman of the Year candidates the past month has been spectacular, 2007 also will be remembered as a year of miscreants and manipulators, narco-jocks and narcissists. We are down on Downie, bitter at Bonds. And there is one misguided woman who flew Solo. Voilą, the SI.com Anti-Sportsmen of the Year:

Barry Bonds
Why he made it:
Surly slugger blighted greatest record in pro sports; indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice.
Anti-Sportsman rating (out of 10): 10

Tim Donaghy
Why he made it: Odious official passed along inside information on NBA games, pleaded guilty to two federal charges related to the investigation.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 10

Michael Vick
Why he made it: Killed dogs -- and the Falcons' franchise.
Anti-Sportsman rating:10.

Bill Belichick
Why he made it:
Cantankerous coach was fined the NFL maximum of $500,000 (and New England was ordered to pay $250,000) for spying on/videotaping an opponent's defensive signals.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 9

Don Imus
Why he made it:
Sexagenarian shock jock called Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" following their loss to Tennessee in NCAA championship game. Also makes the list for last being funny in 1972.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 9

Isiah Thomas
Why he made it:
Co-defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit that ended with an $11.6 million judgment against Madison Square Garden. (The case is being appealed); he and team owner James Dolan have turned the Knicks into a late-night punch line.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 9

Marion Jones
Why she made it: Disgraced golden girl of track finally confessed to taking performance-enhancing drugs after years of denials; pleaded guilty in October to lying to federal investigators.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 8.5

Steve Downie:
Why he made It:
The Philadelphia Flyers rookie launched himself, Scud-missile style, into Ottawa's Dean McAmmond during a preseason game, concussing the Senators' veteran; this is the kind of mindless "just finishing my check" act that allows hockey to live up, or down, to its reputation.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 8

Nick Saban
Why he made it: Unlikeable Alabama football coach likened losses to Mississippi State and Louisiana-Monroe to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Real slick, Nick.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 8

Scott Boras
Why he made it:
Arrogant agent announced Alex Rodriguez's opt-out during the World Series finale, ultimately leading A-Rod to give him the slip while heading back to the Yankees with hat in hand.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 7.5

Hope Solo
Why she made it: Garrulous goalie called out then-coach Greg Ryan and teammate Brianna Scurry. Solo insisted the result of a World Cup game against Brazil would have been different had she not been benched for Scurry.
Anti-Sportsman rating: 6.5

Alex Rodriguez:
Why he made it: Selfish slugger hijacked the World Series by having his agent announce he was opting out of his Yankee contract; earns points for reaching out to the club without Boras.
Anti-Sportsman Rating: 5