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Who's Hot, Who's Not

Posted: Tuesday January 9, 2007 12:32PM; Updated: Tuesday January 9, 2007 12:33PM
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Who's Hot Who's Not
Tennessee's sweet-slammin' Candace Parker dunked on rival UConn's home court for the first time and dropped 30 in a win. (Observed Lady Vols' Alexis Hornbuckle, "It's a plus to be Candace Parker's teammate.") The Smushier Parker, in L.A., went for season highs of 20 and 23 points, then thanked his fellow Lakers for feeding him the ball.
Shaquille's extended absence (left knee) has been wrecking the Heat's championship high. (Miami was 14-19 at week's end.) In Indiana, Jermaine O'Neal is popping off -- dissing his Pacers teammates for not trying hard enough and saying that it may be time he and the team "go our separate ways."
Jason Taylor
Speak out against steroids. Check. Win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. Check. Listen to offers to act in a Robert De Niro movie. Check. Announce that you plan to return to Miami, where you're to make $16 million over the next two years as a Dolphin. Check and check.
Ross Verba
Sit out all of 2005 after bolting the Browns. Ouch. Start season as a guard for the lousy Lions. Ouch. Go on injured reserve with a groin injury after playing seven games. Ouch! Spend a night in jail for passing bad checks to a Las Vegas casino. Now that's gotta hurt.
Aaron Brooks
Just quack, baby. The guard's average of 18.1 points for the No. 15 Oregon Ducks is nice, but this is even nicer: Brooks hit a last-minute shot to sink No. 1 UCLA.
Aaron Brooks
Just squirm, baby. Raider QB's awful season (three TDs, eight picks) spells doom. Question for Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell: Can one of you start next week?
Little Earl
he Nuggets' 5'5" Earl Boykins has picked up the slack in Melo's absence, averaging a team-best 23.4 points and maybe setting himself up. He could opt out of his contract after the season and seek more than the $3 million he's currently due.
Big Unit
One New York City tabloid declared GOOD RIDDANCE when irascible 6'10" Randy Johnson got shipped back to the D-Backs after his 5.00 ERA with the Yankees last season. Johnson is headed home -- and south in the standings: The Yanks won 97 games last year, Arizona only 76.

Issue date: January 15, 2007