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Who's Hot, Who's Not

Posted: Tuesday January 16, 2007 12:21PM; Updated: Tuesday January 16, 2007 12:21PM
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Who's Hot Who's Not
Little bro Andre snagged a TD pass in Florida's BCS win, then said he'll forgo NFL and return to seek "another championship." Big bro Reche -- who counseled Andre to stay in school -- did some game-breakin' for the Pats: a TD catch, a fumble recovery and a long reception to set up the field goal that beat his former team.
Willis McGahee
Bills back got hit with his third paternity suit in two years, according to The Miami Herald. (He's paying child support on the first two.) And an interview in Penthouse (classy, man) has Buffalo fans mutterin', "Whachu talkin' about, Willis?" In it McGahee suggests the Bills should move to Toronto.
Stephon Marbury
The cheap shoe artist (his Starbury One game-ready sneaks sell for $14.98) is going small screen; he'll reportedly host Stars on Stars, a Fox Sports Net show on which he'll interview other NBA hotshots. Oh, he's playing O.K. too: helping lift the Knicks to mediocrity by averaging 23.2 points this month.
Stephen A. Smith
Quite frankly, the cancellation of Smith's nightly ESPN2 show wasn't much of a shock: He'd had bad ratings (and scores of critics) from the start in August 2005. He seems burned out -- "I've got to get back to being happy," he told New York's Daily News -- and for once Screamin' A. had nothing to argue about. "I support ESPN's decision," he said.
Wisconsin, Playboy's top party school of 2006, keeps getting more reasons to celebrate: After a 12-1 football season (the best in school history) the No. 3-ranked Badgers hoops team had won 13 straight games (longest streak since 1941) behind player of the year candidate Alando Tucker.
Rough times for sackdaddy Shawne: His steroid suspension cost him a shot at defensive player of the year; he made just two tackles (and a sack) in the Chargers' playoff loss. Then he was mocked at midfield by Pats doing his Lights Out dance. Said Merriman, "They just didn't need to rub it in."
Joe Thornton
The West's leading All-Star vote-getter has played through a broken toe, a broken finger, strep throat and a pulled groin to rack up a team-high 56 points for the streaking Sharks (winners of five of six).
Scott Thornton
Joe's tough-guy cousin had nine points in 38 games for the last-place Kings when he went out with a wrist injury -- turns out, says the L.A. Times, he broke it play-fighting with teammate Sean Avery.