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SI Players Poll

Posted: Tuesday January 16, 2007 2:19PM; Updated: Tuesday January 16, 2007 2:19PM
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SI Players Poll
[Based on a survey of 361 NFL players]
Which NFL city has the most attractive fans?
Steven Murphy/WireImage
Miami (Dolphins).....33%
San Diego (Chargers).....15%
Atlanta (Falcons).....8%
Dallas (Cowboys).....7%
Tampa Bay (Bucaneers).....4%
New York (Giants and Jets).....4%
Houston (Texans).....4%
Carolina (Panthers).....4%
Washington (Redskins).....4%
Kansas City (Chiefs).....3%
FAST FACTS: Tampa Bay finished fifth (4%).... Super Bowl XLI will be in Miami on Feb. 4.... A separate SI PLAYERS' poll question asked players for which team other than their own they'd like to play, and, coincidentally, the top four were Miami (8.4%), Dallas (8.1%), San Diego (7.8%) and Atlanta (7.5%).... Five cities failed to receive a vote: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis and St. Louis.