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SI Players Poll

Posted: Tuesday January 30, 2007 2:53PM; Updated: Tuesday January 30, 2007 2:53PM
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SI Players Poll
[Based on a survey of 361 NFL players]
Which current assistant coach should already be a head coach?
Scott A. Miller/US PRESSWIRE
Monte Kiffin, Bucaneers.....11%
Al Saunders, Redskins.....9%
Gregg Williams, Bills.....7%
Rex Ryan, Ravens.....5%
Jim Johnson, Eagles.....4%
Mike Martz, Lions.....4%
Tom Moore, Colts.....4%
Mike Zimmer, Cowboys.....3%
Mike Sherman, Texans.....2%
Ken Whisenhunt, Steelers.....2%
FAST FACTS: Poll taken before the season.... Kiffin, Williams and Ryan are defensive coordinators; Saunders is an offensive coordinator.... Three assistants got jobs as head coaches last month: new Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt (ninth in this poll, 2.2%), Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin (21st, 1.1%) and Miami's Cam Cameron (no votes).... Kiffin's son Lane was just named Raiders head coach.