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The Questions

Brendon Ayanbadejo, Bears Linebacker

Posted: Tuesday January 30, 2007 12:46PM; Updated: Tuesday January 30, 2007 12:46PM
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Brendon Ayanbadejo, Bears Linebacker.
Brendon Ayanbadejo, Bears Linebacker.
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment?

I was cut by my first three teams, so the best moment was running out on the field as a Dolphin in 2003 with my brother [former Dolphins, current Cardinals fullback Obafemi] next to me for my first regular-season game.

Your most embarrassing moment?

When my MySpace page was posted in the locker room. I came into the players' lounge and everybody was huddled around looking at my MySpace pictures. Since then, I've had my page on private.

If I weren't in the NFL I'd ...

I've done some law-school prep stuff so I'd probably be graduating law school, or already be an attorney. I was thinking about doing family law.

If I were commissioner for a day I'd ...

make it so the quarterback can get hit just like everybody else. Those strange rules [to protect the QB] would have to go.


The 30-year-old special teams ace, whose father is a native of Nigeria, had three tackles in the NFC title game.


The Super Bowl in Miami, where he lives. "For me it will be a home game," says Ayanbadejo, a Pro Bowler.