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Road Trip: Colorado

Posted: Tuesday April 24, 2007 12:07PM; Updated: Tuesday April 24, 2007 12:08PM
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By Stirling Wade

If you can't find something to enjoy at the University of Colorado, then you just aren't trying hard enough. Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, about an hour away from some of the world's most fantastic ski resorts, the university is home to some of the nation's greatest sports programs, music, food and yes ... partying. More than 30 percent of CU's undergraduate student body is from out of state, showing just how attractive the school is for people from all parts of the country.

Few events get Colorado fans pumped up like a win over in-state rival Colorado State
Few events get Colorado fans pumped up like a win over in-state rival Colorado State
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

While known to a lot of people for its free-wheeling "hippie lifestyle," CU is actually one of the most bright and inventive universities in the world -- as seen by its numerous Nobel Prize-winning professors and NASA alums. Combine the academics and social lifestyle with a rabid student body and bubbling sports scene, and CU provides one of the nation's most vibrant campuses.

Best rivalry:

Colorado-Colorado State. This football rivalry is home to some of the nuttiest fans in the country. When these two schools hook up, the local jails know to reserve a few spots for fans from both sides. The game has been played in Denver the past few years and there have been more than enough busses willing to take unruly students down I-25 so that they can enjoy the atmosphere. Combine passion and a crowd of 65,000-plus and you get one of the nation's most underrated rivalries.

Best bar:

Pearl and Walnut. Take a stroll along either of these downtown Boulder streets and you won't be disappointed. Hidden behind the ice cream and clothing shops are multiple spots such as The Foundry, 'Round Midnight and the Walrus that will satiate the bar-hopper's appetite. If you can't find anything for you, just ask many of the fine looking co-eds passing by and they'll point you in the right direction.

Best place to grab a late-night slice

Cosmo's on The Hill. Located just off campus and right next to the school's biggest party block, Cosmo's and its "monster slice" is the perfect place to fix that early morning craving. Even though the line frequently spills out the door, a slice of Cosmo's pizza is well worth the wait. Once you finally get inside, you can choose from the big menu on the wall and catch up with a number of CU students who are waiting to indulge, just like you.

Best restaurant

The Sink on The Hill. Cheap beer, the famous Sinkburger and volumes of people are just a few reasons why the Sink has become a Boulder institution. Inside the restaurant you'll see all kinds of art work and unique decorations that help make the Sink unique to Boulder. If you don't feel like sitting inside, enjoy some patio seating outdoors while sipping on the draught of your choice.

Best place to watch a game

Lazy Dog on Pearl Street. Catch every angle of any game that you want to see at this sports fan's haven. The Dog, as its affectionately referred to, has a rooftop deck, more than 25 TV screens and a diverse menu that make it a must-see. Oh yeah, it won't kill the pocket, either, as a customer can get up to 12 draughts for less than $4 each. The party never seems to end at this Boulder hot spot where happy hour lasts Wednesday through Saturday from midnight until close.

Best way to listen to the game:

Larry Zimmer and Marc Johnson -- 850 KOA. Zimmer is a Colorado broadcasting legend. The Buffs broadcaster for more than 30 years, he has a calm, yet commanding presence on the radio which makes him a must-listen for any sports fan. Johnson has been on the Buffs' broadcasts for a much shorter period of time but has quickly developed a reputation around the Denver/Boulder sports scene for his booming voice. They team up for a delightful broadcast, even if the Buffs aren't doing well on the field.

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