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The hair up there (cont.)

Posted: Thursday January 25, 2007 3:07PM; Updated: Wednesday January 31, 2007 5:12PM
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Out of Bounds

NBA officials were not pleased that Wyc Grousbeck (center), managing partner of the Boston Celtics, brought a group of women in the Celtics' locker room last Friday.
NBA officials were not pleased that Wyc Grousbeck (center), managing partner of the Boston Celtics, brought a group of women in the Celtics' locker room last Friday.
Damian Strohmeyer/SI

• The NBA office was less than pleased that Corinne Grousbeck, wife of Celtics managing partner Wyc Grousbeck, brought a group of women into Boston's locker room to get autographs while players were getting dressed and conducting interviews after last Friday's loss to Sacramento. An NBA spokesman said the league would step in if the scene is repeated.

• How depleted is the Clippers' backcourt? After learning that veteran free agent Alvin Williams was staying at Cuttino Mobley's home, the team decided to sign him to a 10-day contract. Though in fairness to the Clippers, the team had worked him out during its recent East Coast trip.

• Portland point guard Jarrett Jack returned last Friday after missing three games with a concussion he suffered when he drove his car into a parked truck outside the Blazers' practice facility.

Funny Money

Ben Wallace is being sued by his former agent, Steve Kauffman, for unspecified damages. Kauffman claims the former Piston defamed him in a Detroit News article. Wallace fired Kauffman and hired Arn Tellem before he signed his four-year, $60 million contract with the Bulls.

• According to the New York Daily News, Mike Bibby attended Artest's birthday at Stereo in New York City last week (even though Artest's birthday is in mid-November) and asked the waitress to change five $100 bills into singles, which he then dropped onto the dance floor, causing chaos.

• A Los Angeles man filed a police report last week claiming that Lakers forward Kwame Brown grabbed his $200 birthday cake and threw it at his back as he was leaving his birthday party. According to the Los Angeles Times, Brown told coach Phil Jackson that the situation was resolved when he went out to dinner with the guy and gave him tickets to a Lakers game.

Scanning the Blogs

• In one of the more creative -- and mildly chauvinistic -- pieces we've seen all year, THE HOOPS PERSPECTIVE compares each team with the personality of a girl. Our favorite are the descriptions of a Knicks girl (a psychological train wreck) and a Bulls girl (once super hot, then not at all hot seemingly overnight, then suddenly hot again but crazy).

• With the Kings struggling, SACTOWN ROYALTY has found a way to increase ticket sales at Arco Arena: sign Daniel Artest, brother of the Kings' enigmatic forward. Artest had signed to play for the Saarlouis Royals in Germany this season, but decided to return to the States to pursue his NBA dream.

Barack Obama as an NBA star? I HATE THE RAPTORS sees the candidate as a LeBron/Kobe/Dwyane hybrid.

Say What?

• "The thing I have a problem with is the last two season openers; they killed the two key brothers on the show each time. First Palmer, now Curtis."
-- Celtics coach Doc Rivers talking about the TV show 24 during an interview on Boston radio station WEEI.

• "Make sure you tell Gilbert I had nothing to do with that. Tell him that was Mike Krzyzewski and Nate McMillan. ... I had nothing to do with that. Gilbert's a good guy. I can't wait to see what he does against Duke. He's going to kill Duke."
-- Suns coach and Team USA assistant Mike D'Antoni to the Washington Post on Gilbert Arenas, who vowed revenge on the coach after being cut from the U.S. team before the world championships last summer.

• "Dikembe Mutombo grew up in Africa, amid great poverty and disease. He came to Georgetown University on a scholarship to study medicine -- but coach John Thompson got a look at Dikembe and had a different idea. Dikembe became a star in the NBA, and a citizen of the United States. But he never forgot the land of his birth -- or the duty to share his blessings with others. He has built a brand new hospital in his hometown. A friend has said of this good-hearted man: 'Mutombo believes that God has given him this opportunity to do great things.' And we are proud to call this son of the Congo our fellow American."
-- George W. Bush's State of the Union speech from Tuesday night.

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