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Super Bowl party scene

An inside look at the hottest events in South Beach

Posted: Thursday February 1, 2007 12:53PM; Updated: Friday February 2, 2007 4:07PM
Reggie Bush, Jim Brown
Reggie Bush and Jim Brown were both popular figures on the party scene.
Bennett Raglin/WireImage.com
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MIAMI BEACH -- Jim Brown is sitting in the corner of a secluded VIP room in an exclusive area separated by a velvet rope on Wednesday night. As he sips drinks next to a fireplace, a couple of diminutive security guards, who are dwarfed by football players twice their size, are hopelessly trying to keep guests from coming inside.

"Excuse me sir," says the guard, clutching the rope and then his earpiece. "Can I see your wristband?"

"I need to get in here," says Richard Dent, the Super Bowl XX MVP who wouldn't dare wear the required pink wristband. "Excuse me."

After he gets in, Dent goes up to Brown, who is wearing an orange and blue Syracuse tracksuit, and gives him a big hug. Moments later a slew of other players come into the VIP area to pay their respects to Brown, who held his celebrity golf tournament earlier in the day. The most prominent contingent includes Ray Lewis, Shannon Sharpe, Jerome Bettis and Hines Ward, who gather around Brown for a couple of pictures.

"He's the greatest," says Lewis. "Everyone recognizes that."

The reason so many Super Bowl champions are partying at The Fifth, a luxurious two-level club in South Beach, is that Opus is throwing a party celebrating its Super Bowl XL Limited Edition and MVP Edition books that are almost as large in size as they are in price ($4,000) for the limited edition and $40,000 for the MVP edition, autographed by every Super Bowl MVP.

"It's worth every penny," says an Opus rep as he shows me one of the books which is almost as large than my upper body. "It's the heaviest tome ever."

• The bash was commonly referred to as Reggie Bush's party during the week and was certainly the hottest party of the night. "It's great, man, this is fun," he said. "I wish I was playing, but this fun." Bush had his own table in the club's exclusive second level with a view of the dance floor, but was making the rounds the whole night. He spent much of his time rolling with his high school teammate and 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, who jokingly told him to jump into a picture Brown was taking with Mickey Rourke, who is almost unrecognizable after all the plastic surgery he's had done. "No, man," Bush said. "That's awkward."


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