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Close shave

Trump escapes with 'do intact at Wrestlemania 23

Posted: Monday April 2, 2007 12:22AM; Updated: Tuesday April 3, 2007 12:59PM

DETROIT -- Donald Trump ended up getting a "Stone Cold Stunner," but he walked out of Ford Field with his hair. Vince McMahon wasn't as lucky.

The World Wrestling Entertainment owner was strapped to a barber's chair inside the ring after Bobby Lashley defeated Umaga and got his head shaved clean by Trump and Lashley as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin looked on. Trump and Ashley not only took clippers to McMahon's head, but they finished the job by spraying shaving cream and shining his dome with a couple of razors.

McMahon ran off after the scalping, but Trump did not leave the ring unscathed. While Trump and Lashley were in the ring drinking beers and celebrating, Austin stepped down from the second turnbuckle, made eye contact with Trump in the middle of the ring, and just when it looked like they were about to toast, Austin kicked Trump in the gut. As Trump bent over, Austin hit him with his patented finisher -- in a single motion, Austin slipped his hand behind Trump's head, turned his back to Trump and dropped to his rear, driving Trump's face off into his right shoulder. Or so it appeared to the 80,103 fans at the sold-out Ford Field.

With Lashley helping him out of the ring, Trump hobbled up the ramp backstage as the crowd stood up and cheered. As most of the wrestlers watched in the family room, formerly the Ford Field press box, they admired their boss for sacrificing his fame silver mane. "How many billionare bosses do you know who would do something like that?" said Ken Kennedy, who won the first match of the night. "He wouldn't ask us to do anything for the company that he wouldn't do."

• While most wrestlers usually hang out backstage before shows, many of them lingered around the floor of Ford Field, taking in the enormity of performing in front of such a huge crowd.

John Cena sat by himself in a ringside section, his legs crossed, as he stared at the empty ring while sipping on his Diet Pepsi. All of the WWE Divas sat together with their curlers on and their make-up not yet applied as they sat in a section near the enormous entrance ramp.

"There's going to be over 70,000 people here; that's crazy!" said Ashley Massaro, who would be wrestling for the women's championship later that night. "That's absolutely crazy to me! Its a little nerve racking but the energy will intensify things, when you have a large crowd like this everyone wants to perform at their best."

When the show began, word spread that the attendance figure for the show was a new Ford Field record -- 80,103. "Over 80,000?" asked a surprised Linda McMahon when she got the number from a Ford Field rep. "That's amazing." It was a crowd so large that most wrestlers, even if they were scheduled to perform later, made it a point to go to press box, located at the top of Ford Field, which was used as the family room during the show. "Everyone's telling me I have to go to the top," said Shawn Daivari, still in his wrestling attire, as he walked into the elevator with Mickie James. "They're all saying you have to see how big the crowd is."


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