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Top 10 QB prospects (cont.)

Posted: Thursday February 22, 2007 6:20PM; Updated: Thursday February 22, 2007 6:20PM
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5. Troy Smith Ohio State: A slightly undersized, athletic QB with a strong arm and outstanding intangibles. He has developed into an efficient pocket passer, but is at his best when forced to improvise outside the pocket. Though not a perfect fit in every offense, he shows the potential to develop into a starter with time. His leadership, toughness and athleticism will make him successful. He should be plucked off the board in the third round.

Comparable NFL player: David Garrard


6. Kevin Kolb, Houston: A highly productive, system QB with a good combination of size, athleticism and arm strength. He has all of the physical tools, but is a questionable decision-maker with virtually no experience running a pro-style offense. His struggles at the Senior Bowl are indicative of the steep learning curve that lies ahead. He has some value as a developmental prospect, but should not be counted on to be a contributor early in his career. He is a borderline first-day selection.

Comparable NFL player: Jake Plummer

7. John Beck, BYU: A mature, productive college QB with solid overall skills. He is a smart and efficient pocket passer who displays surprising arm strength, accuracy and touch. He thrives in their quick rhythm passing game that relies heavily on short, high-percentage throws. His willingness to spread the ball around has kept his offense rolling at a high level. He lacks the special qualities to be a solid starter, but could be a nice back-up prospect.

Comparable NFL player: Damon Huard

8. Isaiah Stanbeck, Washington: An explosive athlete with a strong arm, but undeveloped skills as a passer. He is a "streaky" player who struggles stringing together a series of completions when forced to throw from the pocket. He was making major strides as a passer this season prior to his injury, but his ability to be a dual threat on the perimeter is his biggest asset. His athleticism will intrigue some teams and he could be the next "Slash-type" player to make a roster.

Comparable NFL player: Brad Smith

9. Jordan Palmer, UTEP: A prototypical QB prospect with excellent size, but inconsistent skills as a passer. He flashes adequate arm strength and touch, but his lack of mobility, poor decisions and sloppy footwork prevent him from being an efficient drop-back passer. He is a developmental prospect who will need time to erase the flaws that he has developed over the years.

Comparable NFL player: Derek Anderson

10. Jared Zabransky, Boise State: A streaky passer with good athleticism and mobility. He lacks elite-level arm strength, accuracy and touch, but finds a way to be effective from the pocket. He has a knack for buying time with his feet and is a dual threat when allowed to get to the perimeter. His questionable decision-making will result in a high number of turnovers, but he made major strides in this area as a senior. He is a developmental prospect who will get a look as a late-round prospect.

Comparable NFL player: Jeff Garcia, coming out of school

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