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Superlatives galore

Best CBs not in HOF, top five players, worst team ever

Posted: Thursday June 21, 2007 4:43PM; Updated: Friday June 22, 2007 12:09AM
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Albert Lewis was a four-time Pro Bowler at cornerback during his heyday with the Chiefs in the late '80s and early '90s.
Albert Lewis was a four-time Pro Bowler at cornerback during his heyday with the Chiefs in the late '80s and early '90s.
Herbert Weitman/WireImage.com
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The bag this week encompassed such an embarrassment of riches that I am singling out the one negative voice for E-mailer of the Week honors. And although I have no hand in choosing the headline for this drivel, uh, for this column, may I humbly suggest the following: Gourmet Dining -- Humble Pie. Basically I am the type of person who tends to flog something to death, as all you readers know, and so does The Flaming Redhead. When I'm just getting warmed up on one of my favorite shpiels, I'll hear, sotto voce, "eighth time." This doesn't stop me, of course, but it does serve as a reminder that I'm tiptoeing into the senility pastures that beckon to those of older vintage.

So thank you, Charles Kolenik of NYC, for the following: "I know you Columbia guys like to beat on Fordham guys, except on the gridiron, but can you ease up on Vince not developing another head coach? Vince didn't have staffs that numbered in the double digits like today's coaching gurus do."

Charles, I will never mention it again. Torture won't drag it out of me. First time I ever met coach Lombardi I fed him the shocking news that I had once played against one of his teams. This was at the high school level, when our team had a pre-season scrimmage against St. Cecilia's of Englewood, N.J., the mighty Saints, coached by Vinnie. He took the news calmly.

Last week I suggested a chute drill to the coach of the Budapest Wolves, who couldn't keep his offensive linemen from rising out of their stances. This drew a brief response from noted chutists, such as Jason of Chillicothe, Ill., who mentions that "you never forget the first time you hit your head on the top of the chute." James of Bridgeport, W.Va., says that Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia U. still uses the chute, "and the Mountaineers are pretty good run blockers, if no one has noticed" (what are they like if we have noticed?)

Justin of Bloomington, Minn., a former offensive line coach at St. Thomas (Minn.), says he used a chute, and also had his guys race each other in a quick 10-15-yard sprint, which was then videotaped and replayed to them, to illustrate how much lower they stayed while racing, rather than while swiping magazines off the newsstand ... kill that ... rather than while raising up in their blocking mode.Good idea, but I wonder whether videotape equipment is within the Budapest Wolves' budget. And thank you, coach, for the nice things you wrote about my work.

Bruce of Richmond sees a scarcity of cornerbacks in the Hall of Fame. He feeds me the following names for careful consideration -- Bob Boyd (No. More of a zone guy), Lemar Parrish (Absolutely, and I was also very high on his running mate, Ken Riley, the Rattler, who was never picked for anything), Louis Wright (No. Good, solid veteran but not among the very elite), Kermit Alexander (Ditto), Emmitt Thomas (No, but he'd be closer than the last two. In the right year I'd go for him), Lester Hayes (Ditto. I have voted for him in the past), Cornell Green (No. Better as a safety).

OK, he names Deion, Rod Woodson and Darrell Green as recent names who are almost shoo-ins. Do I have any others? Yeah, Albert Lewis. He was as good as any of them. And thanks for your words of encouragement regarding my upcoming book. In trying to peddle it to a publisher, I am using the pitch that many loyal e-mailers will shell out hard earned coin of the realm to purchase it. You are prepared to pay, are you not, Bruce?


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