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My All-Future Team

Which stars of today will still be great in five years?

Posted: Tuesday August 14, 2007 10:47AM; Updated: Tuesday August 14, 2007 9:53PM
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By Tom Verducci

Say you're starting an expansion team and the mandate is to keep the team together for five years. You are charged with picking players who will still be in their prime in 2012 and give you a championship-caliber team. That's the idea behind the All-Future team: very good today, but still very good five years from now.

C | Joe Mauer | Minnesota Twins
Gets the edge over Brian McCann because of athleticism and defense.
1B | Albert Pujols | St. Louis Cardinals
Only 27 and averaging 200 hits and 42 homers per 162 games.
2B | Chase Utley | Philadelphia Phillies
What's not to like? A second baseman with a .520 slugging percentage and one of the best, smartest runners in baseball.
SS | Jose Reyes | New York Mets
Rare player who has improved his plate discipline dramatically at the big-league level.
3B | Alex Rodriguez | New York Yankees
His next five seasons will take him to 37 years old and 700 home runs.
LF | Matt Holliday | Colorado Rockies
Terrific hitter, though his career home/road splits (.362/.269) suggest he could be another Coors Field creation.
CF | Grady Sizemore | Cleveland Indians
If you're starting a franchise, he must be among the five players you'd consider for your top pick.
RF | Justin Upton | Arizona Diamondbacks
Big-time bat who could be a Ken Griffey Jr.-type impact player. Now, all the Diamondbacks need to do is establish a regular position for him.
Johan Santana
Minnesota Twins
Felix Hernandez
Seattle Mariners
Francisco Liriano
Minnesota Twins
Justin Verlander
Detroit Tigers
Andrew Miller
Detroit Tigers
Don't forget about Liriano, who was on his way to a Cy Young Award last year before blowing out his elbow.

CLOSER | Francisco Rodriguez | Los Angeles Angels
Still only 25, with 130 career saves and a 2.28 ERA.
Manager | Omar Vizquel
So smart he might be able to jump right into a job without a minor-league apprenticeship.
Pitching Coach | Greg Maddux
No one knows pitching better. The question is, will he want to stay in the game?
Hitting Coach | Mark Loretta
Career .299 hitter with four teams could also be managerial material.
Russell Martin
At 24, he already plays like a seasoned veteran.
Hanley Ramirez
Miguel Cabrera
Prince Fielder
Fielder, 23, might become the youngest player to hit 50 homers in season, breaking the mark of Mickey Mantle (24).
Cameron Maybin
Carl Crawford
Maybin, 20, is a five-tool player yet to play above A ball, but he's the Tigers best position prospect in two decades and should develop quickly.
Jake Peavy
Joel Zumaya
Clayton Kershaw
C.C. Sabathia
Clay Buchholz
Peavy ranks among the toughest competitors in baseball, regardless of position.