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Pearl's spirit, Serena's shape, battle for TV and more

Posted: Wednesday February 7, 2007 11:00AM; Updated: Wednesday February 7, 2007 2:03PM
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Bruce Pearl, Serena Williams, David Beckham, Joakim Noah
Clockwise from top left: Bruce Pearl, Serena Williams, David Beckham, Joakim Noah.
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How was your trip last weekend to Wichita State?
-- Adam, Wichita, Kan.

My experience at WSU this past weekend was awesome. I'm always amazed by the die-hard sports fanatics I encounter. The Shocker Maniacs were all that and then some. Some students were such loyal fans that they started camping out in tents outside Koch Arena on Wednesday night to insure they got great seats for Saturday's game against Southern Illinois. And that was only a preview of the madness that was to ensue. Check out the full online episode of my trip to Turgeonville right here. Despite the cold weather, my trip to Kansas was a blast, but if it was any indication of what's to come, this Cowgirl may be investing in a thick winter coat and some snow boots because at the end of the day my feet were anything but "happy."

Bruce Pearl was brave enough to paint himself orange for support of the Lady Vols game against Duke. Do you think that he went too far? Also, if you ever have floor seats to a game, would there be any chance of you doing some body paint?
-- Matthew, Knoxville, Tenn.

For anyone who has taken issue with Pearl's paint-clad appearance at a recent Lady Vols game I have this to say: Get a grip! Coaches like Pearl are few and far between. They not only relate to their players, but their players can relate to them. And that valuable communication and bond isn't something you can fake. It takes a confident, secure, self-deprecating guy to trade the traditional orange blazer for orange bodypaint. You don't see Coach K wearing a blue wig and a speedo to Duke's women basketball games, do you? Pearl's not the only coach who has reached out to show his appreciation to the student section. Rutgers football Coach Greg Schiano played the role of pizza delivery man the cold night before the Louisville game, and I even witnessed Wichita State's Mike Turgeon's appearance at the recent camp out where he thanked the students for all their support. While Pearl's antics may have been a little unorthodox, it more than proved his loyalty to his school, his colors, and the student body. And that is the kinda coach I would want to root for. Rock on, Bruce Pearl.

I haven't seen you address the big news that David Beckham is coming to the U.S. Will this make you watch soccer?
-- Daniel, Los Angeles

The best part about this news is that US Weekly now will have even more pictures of the Beckhams in their "Stars Are Just Like Us" feature. But what I really want is Becks to get an underwear endorsement contract like the one he had across the pond.


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